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Social Media Overhaul

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Brene Brown said it best: "The way we engage with social media is like fire. You can use it to keep yourself warm and nourished or you can burn down the barn. It all depends on your intentions, expectations and reality-checking skills."

We totally get it - social media is a fun way to get inspired, stay in touch with friends, get a good laugh or learn something new. We love it for those same reasons. But have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram with a pit in your stomach starting to question where your life is going and whether or not you are good enough?

Finding new recipes, reading motivational quotes or following your favorite athletes are great ways to use social media to your advantage. But, there are a few questions to ask before hitting that “follow” button!

What does your self-talk sound like?

There is a fine line between comparison and inspiration. Tune into that little voice in your head while scrolling through an account. Is it saying, “Wow, I can totally do that with some dedication and hard work!” or “I will never be able to do that.” Follow accounts that leave you feeling empowered and able to take action in your own life. UNfollow accounts that leave you with that feeling of inadequacy.

What is the story behind this picture?

We are all coming from different places and experiences and have unique goals. An Instagram picture, Facebook post or tweet is just a quick snapshot. Someone’s social media account is often a “highlight reel” of their life. What you see is the culmination of many learning moments. The snatch PR probably followed many misses and failed attempts. A snapshot of someone’s “perfect” day of macros was probably preceded by many learning experiences. Remember the “behind the scenes” time, dedication, hard work and experience that created that moment.

Are you feeling inspired or tempted?

Following your favorite decorative doughnut Instagram feels harmless at first but if every time you scroll past a delicious treat you’re tempted to find something sugary in your pantry, it's probably better to take away that temptation altogether.

Am I able to set boundaries for myself?

Social media was designed to connect us. But face-to-face interactions will always leave you feeling more fulfilled. Make sure to set some boundaries for yourself as to when you engage in social media. Here are a few times we recommend putting your phone away, shutting your computer and connecting with yourself and the people around you:

  •      While having conversations
  •      During meals
  •      During workouts
  •      Right when you wake up in the morning
  •      Before going to bed

The beginning of the year is the best time for a social media overhaul. We’re challenging you to go through the accounts and people you follow on your favorite forms of social media and ask yourself these questions!

If creating new habits like social media awareness is important to you, check out this blog on habit building 101, or talk to your WAG coach about changes you can make!

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