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WAG Client Testimonials

Armando V View Testimonial

Armando V.

Armando has lost 20 lbs in 6 months. He is a surgeon who travels a lot for conferences and education summits and spends time in the operating room. His transformation has been incredible and serves...

Aggi R View Testimonial

Aggi R.

I think she surprised herself when she became so strong. She overcame her fear of eating too much, started crushing competitions, and began hitting new PRs at 49 years old. All it took was a change...

Holly G Testimonial View Testimonial

Holly G.

She’s getting stronger in the gym and feeling great in her body. She’s taking care of herself and her family, all while prioritizing her goals. I’m so proud of Holly and the effort she puts in week...

Alyson B Testimonial View Testimonial

Alyson B.

I have the most muscle mass I have ever had and feel the best I ever have. Who would’ve thought I could be in the best shape of my life after 40?

Mel F View Testimonial

Mel F.

I truly feel so good. I continue to feel more and more comfortable in my own skin, and the way my clothes fit, I can see some noticeable differences in my body.

Wiktoria O View Testimonial

Wiktoria O.

When I found WAG all those years ago, I knew I had found a gold mine of good-hearted, positive, and very intentional coaches who actually listen.

Taylor A. Copy View Testimonial

Taylor A.

Taylor is a great example of how you don’t need to know much about nutrition or macro counting before starting with WAG.

Lindsey C. Copy View Testimonial

Lindsey C.

This progress didn’t happen because Lindsey was perfect; it was a result of never giving up nor waiting for the perfect time to work on her goals.

Kate Austin Copy View Testimonial

Kate A.

All of that effort, hard work, and willingness to be patient led Kate to where she is now! We have been able to tighten up her body composition AND excel in the gym. Win-win!

Liz W. Copy View Testimonial

Liz W.

Liz works full time, coaches CrossFit, is a wife and mom…she’s got a lot on her plate. She has MADE the time for her nutrition though, and it’s paying off big time!

Robert F Copy View Testimonial

Robert F.

Not only has Robert reached body composition goals, we have worked on adding in other positive habits like taking more daily steps and improving bedtime routines to help solidify this body composit...

Katie D 1 Copy View Testimonial

Katie D.

Katie is a Registered Dietitian herself, but she sees the value in having a coach to hold her accountable and to take out any guesswork. She came to WAG in late 2022 to help her lean out without s...

Jason W 1 Copy View Testimonial

Jason W.

At 64 years old, he’s down 60 pounds over the last year and feeling better than ever.  Jason sleeps much better, is less sore, and has a very much improved quality of life.

Carly A. Copy View Testimonial

Carly A.

Joining WAG was the best. It has been so helpful in teaching me about how to eat and fuel, but more importantly has changed the way I think about food.

Stephanie S Copy View Testimonial

Stephanie S.

I still have a lot of work to do and a lot more I want to accomplish, but I'm so excited about how far I've come.