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Nutrition Coaching

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Personal Nutrition Coaching

We all have different bodies, goals and lifestyles. So whether you’re looking to lose weight, win a competition or just feel like your absolute best self, together we will engineer a program that makes sense for you and produces lasting results. Join WAG and get your own personal Nutrition Coach.

A 100% customized nutrition plan

Formal check-ins with your coach to go over your progress and make adjustments + unlimited messaging

Education, strategies and ideas to help you work through challenges and obstacles

An online tracking platform called “Seismic”

1,000s of hours of research at your fingertips

Access to our incredibly supportive members-only Facebook group

WAG Coach Certification Badge

Become a WAG Certified Nutrition Coach!

Become an expert in nutrition science and the art of coaching, while gaining the tools needed to create a new life for yourself and every client you serve along the way.

We’ve opened up registration and are accepting a small group of dedicated coaches. Join now to learn more and get priority access into the program.

Latest transformations

We have coached over 25,000 people to lose weight, gain muscle and increase performance. Sustaining results and continuing good habits is a major challenge. Our custom program works because it is built specifically to last for you and your lifestyle. Whether you are a professional athlete, a new mom or just want to look/feel better: we have helped them all transform their lives.

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"I have tried many different programs before and WAG has stood out far above them all. The positivity and optimism of my coach were refreshing each week. I have never felt better!" Read More >

— Doreen P.

"This was a very scary time but my coach was always there guiding me and I learned to just trust the process. I have been able to maintain my weight within 3 lbs since August." Read More >

— Dana Schell

"I’m really proud of myself for sticking with the program and the changes I’ve made. I haven’t felt this positive about myself in a really long time. This program has been so transformative for me." Read More >

— Laura N.

I’m Adee Cazayoux, Founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity. My journey with nutrition started as a 16-year-old approaching 200 lbs. It wasn’t until I met with a nutrition coach that my relationship with food began to transform into something productive.

Now, I want to help others make empowered choices that align with their goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all method. Like a fingerprint, every person’s recommended “diet” is unique. I created WAG to help people find the exact plan that works for them.

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