Dial in your nutrition to look and feel amazing.

WAG offers one-on-one nutrition coaching to help you build habits that last a lifetime.
And results that do, too.

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We have coached over 21,000 people to lose weight, gain muscle and increase performance. Sustaining results and continuing good habits is a major challenge. Our custom program works because it is built specifically to last for you and your lifestyle. Whether you are a professional athlete, a new mom or just want to look/feel better: we have helped them all transform their lives.

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"I found my coach to be amazingly supportive and energetic. I really didn't think I needed a "rah rah" coach, but I found myself really looking forward to the check-ins and getting his feedback and thoughts." Read More >

— Mark Koransky

"WAG has given me a new perspective on how important nutrition and appropriately feeding your body really is! To be able to feel good in your own skin and be proud of your hard work and dedication is something I’ll forever be grateful to WAG for!" Read More >

— Janae W

"My coach has helped me to not only exceed in reaching my initial goal but I weigh less than when I got pregnant AND am so much stronger in the gym. This program is truly amazing!" Read More >

— Lindsay Y

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What is WAG?

  • The Psychology of Accountability:

    Your own personal nutrition coach to answer your questions and check in with weekly to better understand your goals and challenges, make adjustments and offer knowledge and tips to help you get there.

  • The Power of Tracking:

    Our powerful online tracking platform (“Seismic”) is built on data, not fads or tricks and contains 1000s of hours worth of research at your fingertips. Our technology makes planning and tracking your progress a breeze.

  • Social Support:

    Join an exclusive members-only Facebook group to share stories, get tips, ask questions, swap recipes and get inspired. Share your latest #WAGwin with a caring support network that will welcome you with open arms.

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Working Against Gravity gives you the tools needed to become the best version of yourself. We’ve helped over 10,000 people change their lives through wholesome, fuel-focused nutrition. You next?

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