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"This guide is fantastic! It really makes you look at your big goals from a different, more achievable perspective."

Our Secret to Setting and Achieving Big Goals

It’s clear that when done correctly, goal setting can help us achieve more while feeling happier and more confident along the way. Download this free Goal Setting Worksheet for an empowering and achievable method to setting (and reaching) goals.

Along with the free worksheet, we’ve also included some research and science behind it all with a breakdown of different types of goal setting and the psychology of doing it the right way.

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Rise above the foods that weigh you down

Working Against Gravity is an online nutrition program that pairs you with an expert coach to help you reach your goals, step by step.

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What you get:

  • A personal coach to keep you accountable with weekly check-ins

    Your coach will support you through every challenge and triumph you experience while on your way to reaching your goals. After all, he or she has been in your shoes — as every single WAG coach started as a member.

  • A web app to track your meals, before & after photos, milestones and more

    We spent over 10,000 hours custom developing this technology because we believe in data, not fads or tricks. Think of Seismic as the tool that makes all of this tracking and planning a breeze.

  • A members-only Facebook group to lean on for extra support

    Whether you’re looking for a high-protein recipe, extra guidance for a weekend at the not-so-healthy in-laws or someone to share your exciting latest #WAGwin with — this exclusive community is ready to welcome you with open arms.

...and more perks that lead to proven results!

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Latest transformations

Pro-athletes, new mothers, skinny-jean admirers — we've seen it all! (And we've coached them, too.)

"My coach and the program have held me accountable for my nutrition decisions. I think the program is excellent." Read More >

— Matt

"I love the WAG program and recommend it anyone that asks me about what I'm doing." Read More >

— Kristina Alcorn

"Thanks to this amazing program, I am proud to say, 40 never felt or looked so good! Thank you, WAG! " Read More >

— Hina

WAG Gives Back

Our mission has always been focused on one thing: Transformations. Changes that run much deeper than just the way you look in the mirror. We want to help people love themselves and their lives like never before. That’s why we created WAG Impact, to help those in our community stand back up in the wake of disaster. Because that’s what Team WAG is all about — supporting each other through whatever life throws our way.

WAG fights back against Hurricane Harvey

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Working Against Gravity gives you the tools needed to become the best version of yourself. We’ve helped over 10,000 people change their lives through wholesome, fuel-focused nutrition. You next?

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