Want to be a WAG coach?

(Yes, you do.)

We are always looking for like-minded, passionate individuals to join our dream team! If you think you have a calling to coach, then you’ll want to check out these two open positions:

Coaching Roles

  1. You can join WAG in a full-time capacity, making coaching with us your professional priority.
  2. You can become a WAG substitute coach where you will complete short-term assignments throughout the year when one of our staff members are on vacation or sick. ***In order to become a full-time coach you must first serve as a substitute coach

In order to be considered for these opportunities, you have to meet the following criteria:


  • Applicants must have successfully completed the WAG Nutrition Coach Certification in order to be considered for a coaching position. Click HERE in order to get on the waitlist for our next launch!
  • We love applicants that have book smarts, aka major bonus points if you really know your stuff and have a degree in some form of health science or fitness. We want to surround ourselves with coaches who are experts in their class.
  • We require applicants to have street smarts, aka applicants must have gone through the WAG program as a client themselves. If you haven’t been a member with us, you can complete the minimum 3 month requirement by clicking HERE.

We know what you’re thinking — why all the rules, WAG? The answer is simple: We want our coaches to be the most studied and practiced out there, so they can give professional advice from an academic standpoint while also drawing from the relatable experience of having once been in their client’s shoes.

Thank you for thinking of WAG!

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