Some of your Questions:

Q. Do you design meal plans?

Instead of telling you exactly what to eat each week, WAG is all about teaching you how to reach your goals while enjoying the foods that you love. Nothing you eat will be decided by anyone but you, isn’t that great? Learn more about why we let you be the boss of your meal plans here.

Q. Do you program workouts and gym routines?

We stick to what we’re really great at: nutrition programming. So we leave the training up to you. We do make sure that your nutrition supports the type of training you do, whether it’s intense sports or relaxed walks.

Q. Do you offer video/Skype/phone calls with clients?

Since we logistically can’t offer this service, we provide you something better. Every client receives unlimited communication with their coach via messaging within our web app, Seismic. When you have a question, you don’t have to schedule an appointment or play phone tag, just send it to your coach and he or she will be at your rescue within 24 hours (outside of #WAGUnplugged, because we take those days seriously).

Q. Do you work with expecting mothers?

Yes, we do work with expectant mothers. When you sign up for the program, simply select 'Pregnant' in the questionnaire and we will pair you with one of our pregnancy coaches.

Q. Do you work with breastfeeding mothers?

Yes! We can help you reach your goals even while you’re breastfeeding. Yay mom!

Q. Do you work with people doing the ketogenic diet?

We sure do! Many of our coaches have done keto and go through extensive training to make sure that they are prepared to work with clients. When you sign up for the program, simply select the ketogenic option in your questionnaire.

Q. Can you work with young, old, overweight, already fit, inactive, etc. etc.

Come one, come all! We coach people of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Our program is completely custom and built around you and your goals! Check out our results page here. You can filter by age, lifestyle, profession and more to find people just like you who’ve had success with this program.

Q. Why is this program so expensive?

We understand that initially this program may seem expensive. However, if you compare it to what a nutritionist charges per office hour (usually around $150) then it’s much cheaper than many other individualized programs. Additionally, this program is meant to help you learn what’s best for you, so you can be successful in the long run and you don’t have to keep wasting money on other methods that may only provide temporary success. It’s an investment in your health, one that buys you earned results!

Q. Why do I have to commit for three months?

Since making a sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight, we require a minimum three-month commitment to ensure you get the most out of the program — and that you practice patience with yourself. After those three months your account will automatically convert to monthly payments until you cancel.

Q. What if I have medical issues?

We’d love to work with you! We can work with almost anyone struggling with medical illnesses, but our coaches can not provide any medical assistance or treatment options for diabetes, hormonal problems, thyroid problems, PCOS, etc. As with any change in diet, you should check with your doctor first and follow any of your doctor's recommendations first.

Q. What if I have dietary preferences?

You want to to know if you can do this program if you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free or just a picky eater? Heck yes you can! We choose your macros, you choose your food.

Q. I’ve been calculating macros for a while, can this help me?

Sure, we’re just super strict and mean to you since we know you can do it. Just kidding, we’re actually really nice people. But yes, we will still challenge you and help you reach your goals!

Even the best coaches need their own coach. Being objective about our bodies and performance is hard. Everyone can benefit from having another set of eyes on the situation and making those tough calls.

Chris was counting macros before he started WAG, and he was able to lose another 25 pounds with the program! So it can help you, too.

Q. So, how does this program work?

First, you’ll answer some questions so we can get to know you and what you’re after, like your goals, expectations, preferences and all that fun stuff.

Then we pair you with a coach we think will be the best for you. He or she will tell you how many grams of protein, fats and carbs to consume each day — and you choose what you eat to reach those targets.

Track your progress in the centralized web app, Seismic, where you log your weight, macros, measurements and more.

You’ll have a formal check-in with your coach weekly to discuss what’s working, what’s not and what needs adjusting.

If you have questions/concerns or are looking for some motivation outside of your weekly check-in you can message your coach at any time!

Stay motivated throughout the program with exclusive access to our members-only Facebook group.

Q. How is the WAG program different from other nutrition programs?

Because our program is specifically designed for you! From cleanses to carbless, you may have tried them all. And the truth is, they all work. Just not for everyone. And not for all goals. That’s why your coach will work with you to find what does work for you so you can finally see the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve!