Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the WAG program work?

Start by filling out our in-depth questionnaire so we can get to know you—your current body composition, short- and long-term goals, expectations, food preferences, schedule, training style, and more. You can also request a coach if desired or, you can leave it up to our Director of Coaching to match you with a coach based on their specialties and your goals.

Download our app

Along the way, you’ll track your progress and communicate with your coach in Seismic, an app designed specifically for WAG. Here, you'll log your weight, macros, measurements, and more based on what you and your coach decide to track. Seismic is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Connect with your coach

Once you and your coach are matched, they'll reach out with your initial macro prescription, our New Member Packet, your first check-in date, and other need-to-know info to get you started. Through regular check-ins, you'll discuss what’s working, and what needs to shift, ask questions, and get personalized feedback and unlimited macro adjustments.

If you have questions or are looking for motivation outside of your weekly check-in, you can message your coach at any time with Seismic's messaging system.

Personalize it

Along the way, you may want a little extra support. You can purchase one-off video calls and personalized meal plans whenever you need more coach connection or meal inspiration.

Then what?

You become eligible for the WAG Alumni Program after six consecutive months. If you decide to give it a shot, you'll continue working with the same coach and shift to two check-ins per month at a lower monthly rate. This is a great option for people who have reached their goals or feel confident in their ability to stick with their plan but still want to keep a coach in their corner for program changes and accountability.

Q. Can I choose my coach?

Upon sign-up, you'll fill out an in-depth questionnaire and tell us about your goals, fitness, day-to-day lifestyle, current habits, past dieting history, food preferences, and so much more. You'll also get the chance to request a coach. Learn more about our team here. 

If you want us to choose for you, our Director of Coaching will use everything you share to personally match you with a member of our team based on their unique coaching specialties. 

Although we are confident in our matching, we get that there can be personality mismatches, and we don't get it right 100% of the time. You can request a coach switch by emailing

Q. How is the WAG program different from other nutrition programs?

Our program is specifically designed for you and changes as your body, goals, and seasons of life change.

We’ll help you get off the hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting by tailoring a nutrition program to you and providing support and accountability along the way. WAG is not an overnight solution or a quick fix—we work with you to help you find a sustainable approach to your nutrition, so you walk away with the confidence and knowledge needed to maintain your results long-term.

As one of the first nutrition coaching companies in the macro-counting space, we have withstood the test of time and helped over 30,000 clients reach their goals.

Q. What is the "Personalized Meal Plan" included in your Nutrition Coaching Plus membership?

A meal plan is included in our Nutrition Coaching Plus membership.

Your meal plan is based on your first set of coach-prescribed macros and any food preferences you indicated in your initial questionnaire. Use these seven days of meals and snacks to make food selection quick and easy as you get the hang of communicating with your coach and tracking macros.

If you are not a current WAG member, you can purchase a Weight Loss Meal Plan based on your biological sex, weight loss goal, current weight, training frequency, and more factors you share with us upon purchase. Learn more about our meal plans HERE.

Q. Do you offer video or phone calls with clients?

Depending on your membership, video calls with your coach may be included. Our Nutrition Coaching Plus plan consists of an onboarding call with your 1:1 WAG Nutrition Coach, an initial meal plan based on your coach-prescribed macros, three written check-ins per month, and a monthly call once per month to touch base face-to-virtual-face.

No matter which membership you choose, you can purchase a one-off call with your coach whenever you’d like a little extra connection. Our coaches love meeting face-to-virtual-face with their clients to provide that next level of support.

Q. How many macro changes do I get with my membership?

There is no limit on how often your coach changes your macros, no matter which membership you choose. In each check-in, you'll share an in-depth summary of your week, and if macro changes are necessary to keep you working towards your goals, your coach will communicate the changes with you.

Q. Do you program workouts?

We do not write specific, in-depth workout programs for our clients. But, as nutrition is our forte, WAG coaches constantly communicate with clients about how food choices and timing impact performance. Coaches make nutrition recommendations and suggestions based on your workout style, intensity, and goals.

Q. What if I don’t want to track macros?

Tracking macros is a great way to learn what is in your food and what works best for your body. But, we understand that it may not be for everyone, especially if you’re just starting your nutrition journey.

Our coaching software—Seismic—allows your coach to turn tracking metrics (like macros) on and off based on what you choose to focus on together. In other words: you don’t have to track macros to be successful on the WAG program.

Q. Do you work with expecting and breastfeeding individuals?

Yep! When you sign up for the program, you’ll have the option to select “Pregnant” and give us more information in your questionnaire. We’ll pair you with one of our Pregnancy Nutrition Coaches. If you’re breastfeeding, you’re part of our Traditional Program, but our questionnaire will prompt you to let us know if milk supply is something you and your coach need to keep tabs on as you work towards your goals.

Q. Can WAG help me if I’ve been calculating macros for a while?

Definitely—even the most experienced coaches can benefit from a coach.

Staying objective about your body and performance is challenging, and offloading nutrition decisions to a pro (even if you're a pro, too!) can relieve a lot of unneeded pressure so you can spend more time and energy doing the thing (food prepping, training, crushing your habits, etc).

WAG coaches are also masters in accountability. If you've ever found yourself thinking, "I know what I need to do, but I just can't get myself to consistently do it." we can help.

Q. Can you work with young, old, overweight, already fit, or inactive individuals?

Come one, come all! We coach people of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles. Our program is custom-built around you and your goals. Check our results page here. You can filter by age, lifestyle, profession, and more to find people who have success with this program.

Q. Do you work with people doing the ketogenic diet?

Many of our coaches have followed a ketogenic diet and undergone extensive training to ensure they’re prepared to work with keto clients. If you follow a ketogenic diet or want to try it, you can let us know in your onboarding questionnaire, and your coach will ensure your macros support your preference.

Q. When can I cancel?

Building habits and creating sustainable change don't happen overnight. So, we require a three-month commitment to our Nutrition Coaching Essentials and Nutrition Coaching Plus memberships to ensure you get the most out of the WAG program.

We also heavily value the coach/client relationship; building a solid and trusting relationship with your coach takes time, and a three-month minimum commitment ensures you create that strong foundation together. After your initial three months are up, you can cancel at any time.

Q. What if I have specific dietary preferences?

Are you wondering if you can succeed with WAG if you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, or just a picky eater? You can! We choose your macros, and you choose your food. Your coach will give you personalized recommendations based on your dietary preferences to help you feel confident hitting your targets and reaching your goals.

Q. What if I have medical issues?

We can work with almost anyone struggling with a medical illness, but our coaches cannot provide medical assistance or treatment options for diabetes, hormonal problems, thyroid problems, PCOS, etc. Many of our coaches work with clients to help them put medical recommendations into habitual practice. If you have a medical illness, please consult your doctor before changing your diet.

Q. What if I want more personalized support?

Meal plans are a great way to get to build food awareness, make your meal choices quick and easy, and start working towards your goals. But meal plans are not a long-term nutrition solution—what happens when the grocery store is out of the food you’re prescribed, a special occasion pops up, or you forget your prepped lunch at home?

If you’re craving more in-depth, ongoing support, learn more about WAG membership options HERE.

Q. Who are meal plans best for?

Meal plans are perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight and doesn't have any super-specific performance goals. If you are a high-level athlete or have very time-bound weight loss goals, we recommend getting more personalized support from a Working Against Gravity coach. 

Our Nutrition Coaching Plus membership includes a seven-day personalized meal plan based on your coach-prescribed macros, and food preferences. This membership also includes monthly video calls, weekly check-ins, unlimited messages, and more, so you can optimize your performance and recovery with an experienced coach.

Q. What equipment do I need?

To make the very most of your weight loss meal plan, you’ll need a food scale, body weight scale, tape measure, and your phone. We’ll teach you how to accurately measure progress using different body composition metrics (weight, pictures, and measurements). You’ll use your food scale to measure portion sizes and ensure you stick to your plan.

Q. Do I need to track my food with my meal plan?

You don’t! You can follow your meal plan using just your food scale. That being said, tracking your food with an app like MacrosFirst is a skill that will help you continue making progress post-meal plan.

*Our Nutrition Coaching Plus membership includes 50% off a yearly macros first premium subscription.

Q. I have a medical condition, can I still get a meal plan?

You should always consult your physician before starting a new diet. Our meal plans cannot and should not be used to treat any medical conditions. If you’re unsure of whether or not this applies to you, send an email to

Q. Can you customize the meal plans for my food preferences (i.e. vegetarian, paleo, gluten free)?

Our weight loss meal plans cannot be customized to your exact preferences. That being said, we provide over 100 breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas that you can mix and match to create over 1,000 meal combinations. This allows you to work around many food allergies and preferences while following your meal plan and seeing progress. 

*Fully customized meal plans are available as an add-on for all WAG members, and an initial customized meal plan is included in our Nutrition Coaching Plus Membership—these meal plans are personalized to your macros, goals, and food preferences.

Q. I live outside of the United States. Are the foods in your meal plans available where I live?

Yes! Our meal plans include mostly whole foods and widely available options instead of specific brands.

Q. How long does it take to complete the WAG Coach Certification?

Everyone leads a different life, and everyone’s availability / opportunity for time investment is unique. The WAG Certification Program is an entirely self-paced curriculum, so that – similar to our coaching methodology – it works for you, specifically. That said, we have seen motivated students obtain their certification in as quickly as four weeks.

Q. Does the WAG Coach Certification have any physical textbooks or fine-print expenses that I'll need to purchase?

No. The WAG Certification Program is an entirely online/internet-based course curriculum. Through our platform, which we’ll give you access to upon registration, you’ll be able to study, take quizzes and personally interact with coaches who are available to help you along the way.

Q. Do I Get Any Business Guidance In The Coach Certification?

After graduating from the WAG Coach Certification, you can try our go-to nutrition coaching software, Seismic, free for 14 days. If you choose to utilize the power of Seismic Nutrition Coaching after your 14-day trial, you'll receive their Business Start-Up Kit, which includes:

  • Defining Your Business Values & Mission Statement
  • Defining Your Demographic
  • How to Price Your Services
  • Social Media & Email Marketing
  • Knowing Your Business
  • Auxiliary Tips

Q. How do you select the coach who prescribes my macros and meets with me?

After you purchase your call, you’ll be immediately directed to our intake questionnaire. We’ll match you with the best coach for you based on your answers—we take both coach specialty and call availability into account.

Q. How do I schedule my call, and where does it take place?

After we assign your coach, you’ll receive an email with their Calendly link. Just pick the best time based on your schedule. You will meet with your coach over Zoom, Google Meet, or over the phone!

Q. What if I miss my call?

Life happens; we get it! If you’re more than five minutes late for your call, your coach will send a follow-up email with a link to reschedule. Additional no-shows will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Q. What if I don’t want to meet on video?

You are welcome to meet with your video off, or you and your coach can speak over the phone. You'll get a chance to let us know how you'd prefer to meet when you book your call in Calendly.

Q. What if I want to meet for more than 30 minutes?

Our one-time calls are 30 minutes long. You can schedule multiple counseling sessions or learn more about regular video calls with our Nutrition Coaching Plus Program HERE.

Q. If I choose to join 1-on-1 coaching after my session, can I request to work with the same coach?

Yes—In your Initial WAG Questionnaire, you’ll have the opportunity to request a coach. Here, you can indicate that you’d like to work with the same person who conducted your session.

Don’t forget—If you decide to join WAG, you can apply the cost of your nutrition counseling session to your first month.

Q. What is Nutrition Counseling?

WAG Nutrition Counseling includes a personalized macronutrient prescription and a 30-minute video call with an experienced nutrition counseling coach.

Unlike our 1-on-1 service, WAG Nutrition Counseling is a one-time touchpoint with a coach, and you can apply the cost of your nutrition counseling session to your first month with a coach if you’d like more support.

Q. What is the difference between a nutrition counselor and a dietitian?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are licensed to provide medical nutrition therapy to people with diseases or conditions that can be improved through nutrition. Nutrition counselors cannot give medical advice or prescribe medications. Some nutrition counselors may be RDNs (like our coaches Alex and Brittany!), but it isn’t a requirement. Learn more here!

Q. What are the steps in nutrition counseling?

When you sign up for a nutrition counseling session, you’ll complete an in-depth questionnaire. We’ll match you with a coach based on your goals, and they’ll build you a macro prescription based on the information you share.

You’ll then meet with them over the phone or video for 30 minutes and leave your call with actionable steps and recommendations to work towards your health goals.