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WAG Coach Certification

Become an expert in nutrition science and coaching psychology. Help your clients get lasting results for their physical and mental health while buildi...


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Flexible Dieting Crash Course

In this interactive four-week course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of macro tracking and basic nutrition science, get personalized targets from a WAG...


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Happy Hour Made Easy

To drink or not to drink, that is the question. Whether or not alcohol fits into your nutrition plan depends on your body, goals, and lifestyle. This ...


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Movement and Nutrition During Pregnancy: A Quick Start Guide

As leaders in the nutrition and fitness fields, WAG and The MINT Prjct are a perfect match, and we are excited to help you navigate your pregnancy. Th...


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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Sports Performance

Athlete clients need to achieve peak performance in the gym and on competition day. This increases their chance of success and reduces the risk of inj...


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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Popular Diets & Physiology

Goals, eating styles and physiological needs vary from person to person and can change with a client’s evolving lifestyle. This course spotlights key ...


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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Beyond Macro Tracking

“There is more to nutrition than macros!” “I’ve been tracking macros for years. I need a break.” “When I hit my macros I feel sick.” This kind of f...


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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Mindset and Habit Change

There is more to proper nutrition than simply how the body looks. Thoughts, emotions, habits, and opinion of self are factors often neglected when it ...


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Advanced Topics In Nutrition: Women's Health

Empower women as they work towards their nutrition, weight loss/gain, and betterment goals. Learn how to work with the physiological differences of fe...


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