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Best Protein Powders For Women Of 2024, According To Experts

“Some protein powders, such as whey protein, provide a source of essential amino acids and can contribute to overall bone health,” learn more about what Coach Brittany has to say about protein powder for women in this Forbes article.

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Losing Weight after 50: 6 Tips and Tools from Experts

"Prioritizing protein helps with blood sugar control, keeping you full between meals, and maintaining your muscle mass." Coach Alex shares this and more about losing weight as you age.

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Weight Loss and Diet Change

WAG Member Kristine shares her biggest takeaways and everything she learned from Coach Brittany in this GBN exclusive testimonial.

Next Avenue
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Macronutrients for Healthy Aging

Coach Brittany shares strategies for dialing in your nutrition for healthy aging in this article from Next Avenue.

Good Housekeeping
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When Is the Best Time to Take Fish Oil? Experts Reveal

Fish oil is having its moment in the spotlight, but is this supplement all it is cracked up to be? What are the benefits of taking fish oil and is there a best time of day to take it? Coach Brittany Werner shares her insight.

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Are Lectins Bad For You? 5 Foods To Avoid

Lectins are a hot topic in the world of nutrition! In this Forbes Health article, WAG Coach and Forbes Health Advisory Member Brittany Werner helps answer the question: are lectins bad for you?

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High Protein Breakfast Ideas for Pregnancy

Coach Ali Macy dishes up delicious, high-protein breakfast ideas to try when you're pregnant to make sure you get enough of this important macronutrient.

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The Best Pre-Workouts to Try in 2023

Pre-workout supplements are a hot topic in the nutrition space. Hear Coach Brittany's take in this article from Yardbarker.

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What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Too Much

Overeating happens occasionally but when you make it a habit, excess calories start to add up. Coach Brittany shares things to keep in mind to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

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Carbs for CrossFit

Learn the fundamental role of carbohydrates when it comes to fueling for performance and calculate your own carbohydrate needs.

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7 Quick Fueling Tips for CrossFitters

Coach Ali Macy chimes in on what you need to know when fueling for CrossFit performance and leaves you with seven quick tips to implement immediately.


Listen to WAG Coaches share their expertise in these episodes.

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Preventive Medicine and Nutrition

WAG Coach Brittany Werner joins Brooke Ence and Jeanne Cianciarulo to chat all things nutrition and performance.

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Working Against Gravity

Coaches Brittany and Josh join the ladies of Grit Athletic Coaching to share more about WAG methodology and how nutrition coaching can support your athletic endeavors.