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At Working Against Gravity, it’s about far more than just the macros. Our goal is to empower through education, so we collected some of our favorite resources all in one place. If you’re a seasoned macro tracker or someone who’s curious about making more intentional nutritional choices- welcome! We know that you’ll find something to help inspire the next step in your journey towards wellness!

Nutrition Tracking, Tips & Tricks

Whether you need a full download on nutrition or just want some help tracking your macros, we have you covered!

Nutrition Guide

Everything you need to know about nutrition including tracking macros!

7 Day Environmental Overhaul

Change your mind by changing your environment.

21 Day Challenge

Our introduction to flexible dieting. Learn how to make simple and clear choices.

Macro Cheat Sheet & 18 Tips Bundle

We’re sharing our secret sauce and teaching you how to calculate your own macros.

Macro Tracking When Eating Out

Tips for staying on track while enjoying your time out with friends and family.

How to Estimate with Your Hands

Save these ‘handy’ portion guides the next time you prefer to leave your scale at home while eating out.

Holiday Guide

Enjoy the holidays while staying on track!

Summer Getaway Guide

Our best travel tips, workout routines and food/drink ideas for staying on track.

What to Order

What are some healthier options at my favorite restaurant?

What to Order at a Mexican Restaurant

Don’t miss Taco Tuesday just because you’re eating healthy.

What to Order at a Sushi Restaurant

From seaweed to sashimi, we’ve got you covered.

What to Order at an Italian Restaurant

Have your (macro-friendly) pizza and eat it too.

What to Order at an American Restaurant

Navigate your favorite go-to’s while sticking to your goals.

Starbucks Macro Hacks

But first, macro-friendly coffee.

Alcohol Tracking

Learn how to track the macronutrient breakdown of alcohol and utilize these beverage cheat sheets as well as a step by step tutorial for how to log alcohol into your macros.

Alcohol Calculator

How to track macros in your favorite adult beverage.

Alcohol Tracking Tutorial

Do the macro math with us!


Download our handy ABV cheat sheet.

Wine & Coolers

Nothing to wine about, we’ve got your back.


Calculating calories in the hard stuff.


Tips for staying on top of your nutrition when you’re on-the-go.

Real Food Made Easy (On-The-Go Meal Prep)

Our favorite grocery store grab-and-go’s.

Hotel Hacks: How to Macro-fy Your Trip

Where to stay and what to ask for.

Terrific Travel Day

Take the stress out of travel and set yourself up for success.

Travelling? Add these Essentials to Your Suitcase

Our top 8 recommendations to stay on track.

Meal Prep

Get organized and prepared with our resources on meal prep!

4 Hour Meal Prep

For the Busy Beginner

MFP Tutorial:

How to Add a Bulk Recipe & Log a Single Serving

Meal Prep To Go

No-cook prep when you’re in a pinch.

Help, What do I Eat?

Stuck with knowing what foods fit your nutrition plan?

Vegan Protein Sources

Looking for plant-based protein sources? We’ve got you covered!

Macros in Different Cuts of Meat

Find the right cut of meat that best fits your nutritional goals.

Fiber: What is it and How to Get It?

Easy, high fiber choices!

Grocery Store Guides

Freshen up your grocery lists with these fab finds!


Buy in bulk, macro-friendly style.

Trader Joe's

Spice up your cart!

Woolworth's (Australia)

Our own under favorites!

Performance Prep

Want to know the best way to fuel before, during and after a contest?

Fitness Competition Guide

Nutrition for performance and recovery, includes training tips from Brute Strength and preventing injury from The Active Life.

Goal Setting Guide

A worksheet for setting and reaching your goals (including the science behind goal setting).

Weight Cutting Guide

Choosing your weight class and techniques for getting there while maintaining performance.

$1 Downloadable PDF's

WAG Grocery Planner PDF

Stay organized (and don’t forget a thing)!

WAG Meal Planning Package PDF

Everything you need in one place.

Mindful Eating Journal

Learn to stay in tune with your body.

Habit Tracker PDF

Watch your momentum build.

Video Resources

Youtube Q&A

You ask, Adee answers!

Coach Facebook Live Videos

Our coaches go LIVE to tackle the biggest things they work on with their clients!

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