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Macro-Friendly Shopping at Costco

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Bulk buying can reduce weekly trips to the grocery store and help you save money! So, we're sharing macro-friendly Costco favorites.

When you start tracking macros or planning healthier meals, you probably find that you buy the same items every week. Buying those items in bulk can be a time and money saver.

Reasons bulk buying is awesome:

  • Cuts your time spent buying groceries in half
  • Saves you a bunch of money in the process
  • Promotes healthy eating because you already have a stocked kitchen
  • Makes shopping at the farmer's market for fresh produce easier because you don’t have to buy anything else
  • Makes buying fresh, local and/or organic food more affordable because you saved money on your dry stock purchases

Healthy Costco Foods and Snacks

Stock up on your grains, cereals, dry herbs, spices, seasonings, fats (oil, butter), frozen and canned vegetables, fruits and even meat products like burgers, tuna and shrimp! These items can be a lot cheaper at Costco when compared to traditional grocery stores.

Costco also sells macro-friendly products that are hard to find elsewhere. We’ve compiled a list of macro must-buys for the savvy bulk buyer, like you.

Since prices vary from location to location, we haven’t included any prices on this list. We have, however, included items that are generally priced better than they would be at typical grocery stores or that are hard to find anywhere else!

Kirkland Liquid Egg Whites (6, 16 oz. cartons)
Serving Size 45 g | Cal 25 | P 5 | C 0 | F 0
Unopened egg whites have a good shelf life. These come in smaller cartons too, so they’ll last even longer. You can also freeze egg whites! So, if you have the freezer space (or if you’re rocking a carton of egg whites a day) then bulk egg whites are for you!

Organic Hard Boiled Eggs (24 eggs)
Serving Size 44 g, 1 egg | Cal 60 | P 6 | C 0 | F 4
Not in a position to boil your own eggs regularly? Keep these sealed, ready-to-rock eggs in the fridge to grab and go.

Jimmy Deal Delights Egg White English Muffin (12 muffins)
Serving Size 145 g, 1 muffin | Cal 250 | P 17 | C 28 | F 8
Mobile egg white muffin? Yes please. Balanced macros and great if you want a hot breakfast to go!

Crepini Naked Crepes (1 packs of 10 crepes)
Serving Size 45 g, 1 crepe | Cal 80 | P 4 | C 15 | F 0
Warm it up, spread some PB or cook up an egg and you’ve got something a little bit fancy! Not bad for 15 carbs.

Kirkland Signature Canned Albacore (8 cans) and Kirkland Signature Canned Pink Salmon (6 cans)
Serving Size 56 g | Cal 60 | P 12 | C 0 | F 1
If you eat canned fish as a protein source, you’re welcome.

Chicken of the Sea Premium Real Crab Meat (large tub)
Serving Size 56 g | Cal 46 | P 11 | C 0 | F 0
Real crab meat can be pricey, but if you like making your own sushi then Costco is a great place to grab it. Plus, it’s super high protein for a small serving.

Sushi Party Tray
Serving Size 90g, 3 pieces | Cal 140 | P 3 | C 23 | F 3
Refeed day! I love these sushi trays when I have the carbs for rice available.

Natures Bakery: Stone Ground, Whole Wheat Fig Bars (32 pack)
Serving Size 1 bar | Cal 90 | P 2 | C 17 | F 2.5
If you’re a grab-and-go snack kind of person, or like to nibble on something in between workouts, these fig bars are the bomb. Three flavors so you can rotate, 90 calories, super reasonable macros. They’re a great option to keep on hand and ideal for days that you’re out and about.

Kirkland Protein Bars (20 pack)
Serving Size 1 bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough | Cal 190 | P 21 | C 22 | F 7
Serving Size 1 bar Chocolate Brownie | Cal 190 | P 21 | C 23 | F 7
Kirkland Protein Bars are comparable to Quest bars and Perfect Protein Bars (which Costco also sells in bulk!). If you like whey protein bars and saving cash money try these instead!

Amy’s Organic Soups (8 pack)
Serving Size ½ can Lentil | Cal 180 | P 8 | C 25 | F 5
Serving Size ½ can Lentil Vegetable | Cal 160 | P 7 | C 24 | F 4
Canned soups are great to have on hand for those times when cooking isn’t an option. Amy’s lentil soups have 6 g of fiber, too. Take a break from cooking and pop it on the stove!

Organic Cooked Brown Rice (6 bowls)
Serving Size 106 g, half a bowl | Cal 155 | P 4 | C 36 | F 1.5
Need carbs? Microwave for 90 seconds and voila!

Classico Organic Pasta Sauce
Serving Size 125 g | P 2 | C 12 | F 1
Classic pasta sauce is very popular with the macro tracking community. If you enjoy spaghetti marinara on a regular basis, then a 3 pack of large jars won’t disappoint.

Victoria Organic Marinara (2 jars/5 lbs.)
Serving Size 113 g | Cal 50 | P 2 | C 6 | F 2
This marinara sauce was also hard to pass up. Just look at those macros!

Heinz Picnic Packs (4 condiments bottles)
Mustard Serving Size 5 g | Cal 0 | P 0 | C 0 | F 0
Sweet Relish Serving Size 15 ml | Cal 20 | P 0 | C 5 | F 0
Ketchup Serving Size 17 g | Cal 20 | P 0 | C 5 | F 0
If you’ve been tracking for a while, then your low and calorie-free condiment game is probably in the professional league. Keep your fridge stocked with the whole selection. Ketchup, sweet relish and yellow mustard!

Bella Sun Luci Sun-Dried Tomatoes (1 large jar)
Serving Size 19 g | P 0 | C 6 | F 5
When I have a little fat to fill at the end of the day I like to add a serving of sun-dried tomatoes to my food to give it some INCREDIBLE flavor. High-end food market options can be pricey, but this large jar is very reasonable.

Kodiak Power Cakes Buttermilk Flapjack and Waffle Mix (3 packs)
Serving Size 53 g, about 3 4” pancakes | Cal 190 | P 14 | C 30 | F 2
Kodiak Cake fans, assemble! Each box contains three packets of protein-packed flapjack mix for much cheaper than at the grocery store.

Udis Gluten Free Simple Granola (large bag)
Serving Size 30 g | Cal 130 | P 3 | C 19 | F 5
Granola can be a calorie catastrophe sometimes. However, Udis Gluten-Free Granola adds the flavor and crunch, without eating up all of your macros. Add it to your yogurt or fruit salad! Worth the 19 carbs.

Sandwich Bros Chicken Melts (15 flatbread sandwiches)
Serving Size 70 g, 1 sandwich | Cal 160 | P 11 | C 12 | F 8
We’re not huge advocates of frozen meals as a staple, but if having a trackable, frozen option on hand keeps you from buying take-out and guessing macros, these chicken melt pocket sandwiches are a solid option.

Alaskan Pollock Burgers (12 burgers)
Serving Size 113 g, 1 burger | Cal 120 | P 17 | C 6 | F 3
Fish burgers, anyone? Hey, these are worth a try. After all, they’re a nice size, super high in protein and low in fat and carbs!

Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers (12 burgers)
Serving Size 151 g, 1 burger | Cal 200 | P 35 | C 2 | F 6
A big, 151 g burger with 35 g of protein! Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers — saving burger night for macro trackers everywhere!

Tyson Panko Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloins (20 tenders)
Serving Size 112g, 1 tender | Cal 210 | P 20 | C 13 | F 9
A perfect fried chicken alternative. Bake and eat!

Grilled Mediterranean-Style Chicken Skewers (12 skewers)
Serving Size 100 g, 2 skewers | Cal 150 | P 23 | C 3 | F 4
These skewers taste good, are already cooked and have the same macros as if you made them from scratch!

Crazy Cuizine Frozen Beef and Broccoli (2 packs)
Serving Size 140 g | Cal 100 | P 8 | C 14 | F 2
Marinated beef and broccoli in a pinch!

Kirkland Boneless Ham Steak (about 3.5lbs of ham)
Serving Size 84 g | Cal 100 | P 17 | C 4 | F 2.5
Ham steaks are so easy to cook and are a great alternative to Canadian bacon. A big slab of ham steak will yield you little fat and bang for your buck protein!

Mini Wontons, Chicken and Cilantro (152 mini wontons)
Serving Size 4 wontons | Cal 50 | P 3 | C 8 | F 1
Because wontons! A great option if you’re entertaining guests and need some finger food that you know you can track.

Acai Superfruit Bites (24 bites)
Serving Size 24 g | Cal 50 | P 0 | C 8 | F 3
If you like ice cream and chocolate, this is a nice, small dessert alternative to keep in the freezer.

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches (20 sandwiches)
Vanilla/Chocolate Serving Size 70 g, 1 sandwich | Cal 160 | P 4 | C 28 | F 3.5
Now you’re speaking my language! Hello pre-workout ice cream sandwich!

Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Creamer (180 tubs)
Serving Size 1 tub | Cal 25 | P 0 | C 3 | F 1.5
BYO creamer helps you drink your coffee the way you like it, no matter where you are. If you’re drinking coffee every day, which many of us are, then buy your creamer in bulk.

Kirkland Organic Chocolate Reduced Fat Milk (24 cartons)
Serving Size 244 ml | Cal 190 | P 9 | F 5 | C 28
Chocolate milk lovers, get your fix! This option has extremely reasonable macros and an ingredient list for chocolate milk.

Some people go through a ton of milk really fast. (I’m looking at you, mass gaining guys!) Costco double packs of fat-free and whole milk will save you money on that daily gallon.

Zero Calorie Drinks

Costco is a cornucopia of zero-calorie beverages, so it’s hard to include them all. Here are some of our WAG staff picks.

Sparkling Ice (18 bottles assorted flavors) 0 calories

Vitamin Water (20 bottles assorted flavors) 0 calories 5 carbs

Spindrift Sparkling Water (24 pack assorted flavors) 2 - 15 calories 0-5 carbs

Izze Sparkling Water (12 pack) 10 calories 2 carbs

Need more suggestions on what foods will help you reach your goals based on your grocery stores and food preferences?

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