Caffeine And Health
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Everything You Need to Know About Caffeine and Health

Coffee—arguably the most well-known source of caffeine—is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Many people revel in a cup of joe for the boost of caffeine and the energizing benefits to get their day started. But are you drinking too much caffeine? How does caffeine affect your health?

Best Hiking Snacks
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Best Hiking Snacks to Pack Next Time You Hit the Trail

If you’ve mapped out your spring and summer hiking bucket list, it’s time to plan the best hiking snacks to bring along with you! Nutrition plays an important role in fueling your outdoor adventures—it provides the energy you need to make it to the summit and recover well to keep exploring all summer.

Ultimate Guide To Nutrition For Shift Workers
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WAG's Ultimate Guide to Nutrition for Shift Workers

Are you a shift worker? If so, you probably know the struggles of meal timing, hunger spikes (and falls!) and the energy dips that come with overnights, long shifts and an overall wonky schedule. Nutrition for shift workers can be tricky. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Healthy Trader Joe’S Frozen Dinners Thumbnail
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5 Healthy Trader Joe’s Frozen Dinners: Recs From a Registered Dietitian

We’re back with more tips for healthy eating at America’s favorite novelty food store. These five healthy frozen dinners from Trader Joe’s will help you hit your macros without sacrificing ease and taste. Today, we’re breaking down why we love these meals so much and giving you more tips on what to look for when scanning the aisles.

Best Meal Delivery Services
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The Best Meal Delivery Services for Macro Trackers

The right meal delivery service can help bridge the gap between your nutrition needs and your busy lifestyle. However, not all meal delivery services address the needs of macro trackers. So, let’s first discuss what to look for in these services to help filter your options.

5 Signs You Need A Diet Break
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7 Signs You Need a Diet Break

A diet break may seem counterintuitive - why would you need a diet break when you still have weight loss goals to achieve? Does taking a diet break reverse all of the progress you made?