Food Sensitivity Tests
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Do Food Sensitivity Tests Work? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do food sensitivity tests work? What is the difference between food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities? Brittany and Alex spill everything you need to know, if you need to take a food sensitivity test, and how to use your results wisely.

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Can You Order a Healthy Meal at Chili's?

Josh shares how to approach a not-so-healthy menu, what he chose and why, how to find the calorie content of your meal, and how to adjust your meal based on your macro needs.

What Should My Macros Be
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What Should My Macros Be? WAG RDNs Set Example Macros

Are you wondering what your macros should be? WAG Coaches and RDNs Alex and Brittany set macros for an example client and give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into determining a starting nutrition prescription.

Can You Drink Alcohol And Lose Weight
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Can I Drink Alcohol and Lose Weight?

Can you reach your weight loss goals while drinking alcohol? If you choose to drink, how do you log your alcohol correctly? WAG Coaches and RDNs answer all your alcohol-related questions in this WAG Lunch & Learn episode.

Setting Fitness And Nutrition Goals After The Crossfit Open
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Setting Fitness and Nutrition Goals After the CrossFit Open

Welcome to the final episode of our Fueling for Functional Fitness YouTube series. Today, WAG coaches Josh and Jess recap 24.2, give their predictions for 24.3, and chat about how to set goals for your fitness and nutrition after the CrossFit Open ends.

Coaching 101
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Coach and Client Chemistry: WAG Lunch & Learn

Your relationship with your nutrition coach is one of the biggest factors in your success! Open and honest communication is key to ensuring your coach can support you, but it isn't always easy.