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WAG Q&A With Michael, Episode 24: Upgrade Your Mindset

Michael Cazayoux is always looking for things he can change in his life that will have the most positive impact on his days. So this week Michael is giving you his tips on how to make small tweaks to your mindset to improve your life.

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Finding Clarity

We’ve all been there — feeling stuck, unsettled and unsure of how we feel or the direction we’re heading. We may have spent hours racking our brain for the answers to our questions.

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May #WAGgoal: Meditate

Finding time to stop, breathe and collect our thoughts can seem like a challenging task in our busy, everyday lives. However, finding ways to add calmness during a day of chaos is a vital tool for our long-term health and happiness.

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How to REALLY Relax on Vacation

Taking a vacation can be one of the most exciting events on your calendar. However, the excitement can quickly turn into anxiety when you start thinking about how to manage your nutrition and training during your trip.

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Social Media Overhaul

Brene Brown said it best: "The way we engage with social media is like fire. You can use it to keep yourself warm and nourished or you can burn down the barn. It all depends on your intentions, expectations and reality checking skills."

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Beating the Winter Blues

The winter blues is a very real thing. Not only does the cold weather make staying in bed far more appealing than jumping out to start the day, but it can rule out many of our options for de-stressing, like laying in a park or going for a long walk.