With Team WAG’s March Goal being focused on sleep, we wanted to share some more in depth information as to why getting quality shut eye really is so important.

We figured you’re probably tired of hearing it from us, so we decided to let someone else tell you for a change.

Below are 5 compelling podcasts with leading experts in fitness, medicine and science to inspire you to make sleep a top priority.

Sigma Nutrition Radio #91
Effect of Sleep on Appetite Regulation, Food Choices & Glucose Metabolism
Host Danny Lennon flies solo to break down how drastically sleep quality and duration can influence how effectively we can stick to our diets. Ever found yourself ravenous or extra snacky after a late night? This is a must listen!

Sigma Nutrition Radio # 38
Sleep, Circadian Rhythms & the Importance of Light & Dark
Stanford University researcher Dan Pardi investigates just how much sleep really does affect everything you do. He touches on sleep quality and regularity, as well as how our body responds hormonally to light and darkness.

Barbell Shrugged Podcast #241
The Importance of Sleep for Performance with Dr. Kirk Parsley
What do elite athletes, Navy SEALs and CEOs of companies all have in common? They all need to be as sharp as possible each and every day. Whether mental performance or physical performance, Dr. Parsley will explain exactly why sleep is the first place to start to get a competitive edge.

Brute Strength Training #61
10x Your Recovery with the Science of Perfect Sleep with Dr. Allison Brager
Listen to the latest research on sleep from someone who is both brains and brawn. Dr. Allison Brager is a Neuroscientist, sleep researcher and regional level CrossFit Athlete. Getting a bit geeky with it, she covers genotyping, DNA specificity and, of course, why sleep is so important for your recovery.

NPR Radio
The Science of Slumber: How Sleep Affects your Memory
Stepping outside the specific realm of performance and fitness, this fascinating roundtable with sleep specialists, psychologists and chronobiologists takes a closer look at how sleep affects our cognition and memory, as well as how these needs change over time.

Have you made any big changes to your sleep habits and noticed a big change in your life? We want to hear your experience first hand!