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15 Simple Strategies for Better Sleep

Dialing in your sleep is a major proponent for busting through plateaus, which is why we refer members to this article often. So much so that we’ve added more tips and practical devices for improving sleep to the list!

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Three Fitness Myths Debunked

Many of our beliefs are things we’ve picked up in our social circles, on the TV or in other media outlets through the years. However, many of these are false beliefs which could be holding us back, or in some cases harming us.

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How to Bounce Back From Bad Training Days

Recently, Bryce Lewis, an internationally acclaimed powerlifter posted a photo on his Instagram of a whiteboard he brings to the gym that details his training goals, along with mantra-like statements regarding his training mentality.

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Training Playlists

Nothing beats the feeling of throwing on a sick playlist and crushing your workout. We gathered some of our members’ favorite tunes that help them hit PRs, and push through challenging training sessions.

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How to REALLY Relax on Vacation

Taking a vacation can be one of the most exciting events on your calendar. However, the excitement can quickly turn into anxiety when you start thinking about how to manage your nutrition and training during your trip.

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All About the Abs

Summer is around the corner, and rocking abs at the beach is usually a hot topic of discussion. So what exactly goes into having poppin’ abs?

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An Interview With WAG Coach Josh Holton

Josh Holton has not only been through an amazing transformation as a WAG client and coach, but he’s also had great triumphs throughout his life — including recovering from cancer as a child.