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Stretching When You’re Stretched for Time

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Often when we are short on time, our relaxation, stretching and mobility work are the first to get pushed to the side — yet this is usually the time when we need it the most.

Our bodies NEED recovery time in order to perform optimally, avoid higher risks for injuries and reduce overall stress.

Below are a number of easy ways you can add some additional stretching into your day (even on a time crunch):

Office Stretching - Deskwork and office life can be hard on the body. With ample hours of computer time, sitting and little natural light — office life doesn’t always scream optimal health and well-being! Using office equipment and office space to stretch for 10-15 min. can dramatically improve productivity, and save some additional time before training. Click here for 15 simple and effective office stretches to loosen the mind and body!

Stretching Apps - Such as SWORK IT & StartStretching provide a stack of different stretches and routines to cater for multiple different sports. With a variety of different stretches easily assessable through the app, you have the freedom to get moving any place and anytime.

There’s an App for That:

ROMWOD - Aims to increase athletic performance, range of motion and recovery through a variety of short online videos. Allowing you to choose specific body parts and time domains to target, ROMWOD is popular among the CrossFit and Weightlifting communities — and is also an excellent resource for anyone looking to loosen up!

Mobility WOD - Offers an extensive database of information on self-care, recovery, injury prevention and body mechanics. Dedicating 10-15 min. of your day to M/WOD may help you improve your lifts, increase range of mobility and decrease your chance of injury!

Down Dog - Focusing predominately on flexibility, balance and strength, this incredible free app focuses on Vinyasa Yoga. Offering both a free and pro version, this very cool app provides an awesome practice to groovy music!

Stretching and mobility gives us an opportunity to get centered, boost energy levels and improve our overall outlook!

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Posted by Melanie Barnshaw

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