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When you’re trying to do it all — get to the gym, work a full time job, keep your nutrition on track and feel good about yourself every day — having a set of rules and boundaries to abide by helps.

By making decisions and commitments in advance, you experience less stress and more productivity. You can efficiently focus your time and energy elsewhere, rather than juggling the same old issues and becoming frustrated.

The most accomplished people in the world set rules for themselves.

Some call these vows, bright lines, or non-negotiables. However you spin it, a set of personal rules to live by will improve your quality of life. They don’t have to be challenging. Simple rules allow you to feel a sense of organization and order which goes a long way. For example:

    • Getting up early every morning to exercise.
    • Making the bed every morning.
    • Not checking social media until after 3 pm.
    • Setting aside time to meditate.
    • Only working between set hours of the day. 

The only person enforcing your rules is, well, you. Self-accountability is just as powerful — and necessary — as being accountable to others. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly!

Think About the Issues You Face Every Day

Begin writing down each possible situation that could cause you to lose control over your nutrition, focus, productivity, sleep quality, gym performance, etc. These could be things like social occasions, stressful tasks (or people) that you deal with daily, boredom or cravings.

Set a Rule to Combat Them

What is one rule or boundary you could set for yourself now that will help to control your response to that issue? Practice this every day until it becomes a habit. See how much less stressed and more productive you can be when you don’t have to focus or worry about these issues as much. Take note of the positive effects that your rules have to help encourage you to keep it up.

Team WAG Practices What They Preach

Our WAG coaches have shared the rules and boundaries that they have set in place to help make their own lives more stress free, productive and manageable.

Coach Adee

“I make my bed every morning no matter if I am at home or hotel (I used to be super messy so this is a big deal). I also don't have my phone at the dinner table.“

Coach Crosby

“I only drink on special occasion and set a boundary of two drinks! I also watch the Ellen Degeneres show everyday, because everyone needs her joy in their world!”

Coach Ashley

“I do my Bible study before any work or interaction with people! Haha! This allows me to be filled spiritually and emotionally so that I can speak love and life into my clients and the people I meet that day ❤️ Also no TV/Facebook/Instagram until after morning cup of coffee.” 

Coach Courtney

“I only drink on special occasions and never more than one or two. I also stick strictly to my training schedule, even when traveling. I may modify the workouts as needed or wake up super early to get it done, but I get it done. That includes sticking to my rest days, too.” 

Coach Melanie

“I have the first half hour of the morning to myself BEFORE electronics to allow myself to wake up calmly. I also write for one to five minutes each morning in my journal to set my intention, give thanks and note my priorities and their value.” 

Coach Chris

“I get out in nature at least once a week to disconnect and think of all the reasons I have to be thankful for and return home feeling rejuvenated every time. #WAGunplugged. I am also unapologetically me. I'll never be made to feel less or receive negativity from anyone regarding anything I do so long as I know it's improving me mentally and physically. My goal is to be better every day.”

Coach Ivette

“I only check social media in the morning and maybe again in the evening — if there is a need. I never have alcohol if I'm training the next day. When I am not tracking my food (like on vacations or the off season of my sport) I will still track at least one meal just to make sure I don’t eat too much or too little.”

Coach Hillary

“I always have a nutritious breakfast, regardless of how busy my morning is. At night while putting my kids to bed, we take a few minutes to each share what made us each laugh and have fun during the day. My girls are a little young to understand when I ask what they are grateful for, but when I ask what was fun or made them laugh during the day, they always share some fun story of their day.”

Coach Ali

“I never hold my phone and a conversation at the same time so I can be really present in my interactions with others! Also, when I get in bed at night I make a mental list of three specific moments I am thankful for from that day.”

Coach Alexa

“I read at least 10 pages or more of a book per day. I use no technology while eating. I am unapologetically happy each day and in everything that I do. I always get up by early enough to make breakfast and play with my pups before I start my day. I end my day reflecting on the good things that happened that day and things that I am grateful for in life.”

Coach Nicole

“Finding time to go to the gym is a non-negotiable. I will move it around if necessary for special events but I must take care of myself if I want to be able to take care of others.” 

Coach Brittany

“I will always have positive body image talk with my daughters. I want them to grow up loving their bodies. I also structure my day to ensue I can get at least seven hours of quality sleep.” 

Coach Josh

“I do not text past 8 p.m. and I don't use my phone in the bedroom. I listen/read/watch AT LEAST one piece of diet/fitness related material a day to share with clients and I listen/read/watch something that makes me laugh REALLY hard every day. I also play the drums three times a week.”

Coach Jessica

“Flossing! Starting and ending my day with a small, doable, disciplined thing helps to frame my day. I turn off electronics well in advance of bedtime, do some reading and getting a solid 7+ hours every night. I practice yoga every Sunday. It is my "reset" and helps me to start fresh on Monday!” 

Coach Brad

“Every day I make my bed, never skip breakfast, meditate and tell my parents I love them. I also ensure I am in bed before 10 on weekdays.”

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