October #WAGgoal Is No Technology at the Table

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As the use of technology increases, so does the time we spend engaged in our screens, and disengaged from the present company of our friends and loved ones.

No doubt we have all been guilty of looking at our phones while we sit at the table, both with or without company. Mindlessly scrolling through our social media feed, checking our email or texting a friend.

With busy schedules and limited personal time available these days, mealtimes may be the only time we’re able to come together with our loved ones to share the finer details of our day, and what’s going on in our lives.

For the month of October, we encourage you to join us in this month’s #WAGgoal of no technology at the table. Let’s come together to help promote a more present approach to mealtime.

No tech at the tables will help:

Social Skills

We’re able to practice our social skills and interact with others in a more meaningful and deep manner when we’re not looking at our screens. It gives us an opportunity to connect, bond and discuss our day to build a greater sense of togetherness!

Go Deep and Be Present

In the absence of technology, our conversations become more meaningful and deeper. We’re able to be fully engaged with our listening and eye contact, which signals to our company that we hear them and respect them.

Knowledge and Memory Recall

Without technology, we’re able to engage our memory, use our existing knowledge and recall stored information instead of relying on Google to do the work for us! This helps us to flex our brains.

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