Every notification...

every buzz…

every alert...

...is a bid fighting for your attention, emotion and time.

As a society so dependent on cell phones, it’s extremely important to be conscious of how and when you’re using yours.

Without boundaries, your focus and attention can easily be pulled away from your current task or from being present with your loved ones and surroundings.

In the absence of constant interruptions, you are able to bring greater awareness to your thoughts, choices and decisions throughout the day.

Below is a list of tips that may help you eliminate distractions to keep you present, aware and productive:

  • Set boundaries and non-negotiables for yourself on phone and email usage
  • Pre-log your food prior to eating to ensure you remain fully present and eat mindfully
  • Turn off all push notifications on your phone and computer
  • Silence your phone or use airplane mode so checking it becomes a choice
  • Keep your phone out of clear sight and use only within your specified time slots
  • Focus on people by not using your phone when you’re with others
  • Use an alarm clock to get started each morning - avoid touching your phone upon waking
  • Disconnect your messages from your computer to avoid distraction
  • Engage in activities that eliminate the ability for phone usage, such as reading, writing, getting outdoors, etc.

Small and simple adjustments, can lead to huge improvements. Share with #TEAMWAG how you plan to evolve today!