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Working From Home: Productivity Tips and Tricks

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Ahhhhh, working from home. It comes with so many benefits, like creating your own schedule, ability to travel, and even flexibility when it comes to meal choices and timing. But, when you work where you play, eat and enjoy being present with loved ones, it can be tricky to create balance, stick to a schedule, eliminate distractions and get stuff done! As WAG coaches who all work remotely, we have figured out some really great ways to stay present and productive while working at home.


  • Plan your week. Since you’re working from home, you probably have more flexibility with what your day-to-day looks like, which can make it tricky to keep track of tasks, mandatory meetings and due dates. Make sure you’re still staying organized by planning your week. If you’re looking for a planner, our members love Passion Planner, BestSelf and Commit30. You can even customize your own planner with Plum Paper!
  • Clock in and out. While planning your week, set “work hours” for yourself and give yourself permission to “clock out.” When you’re working, stay focused. When you aren’t working, unplug and enjoy the other things you love to do. This will keep you feeling fresh and motivated, and help you avoid burn-out.
  • Start off strong. Always start your day with something for you. This should be something that makes you feel empowered, accomplished and in control. Whether it is taking your supplements, washing your face or drinking a big glass of water, make time for it.
  • Know yourself. When do you work most efficiently? If you are typically a “morning” person, plan your most important things earlier in the day. If you take a bit longer to wake up, try hitting the gym first and dig into work in the early afternoon.


  • Separate space. You’ve probably heard a lot about work/life balance, but what about work/life separation? Create a designated space for getting things done, like an office or a specific table in your house. Try to limit work to this location. If you’re doing work on the couch, in your bed and at the kitchen table, your brain will start associating these places with work instead of relaxation.
  • Get out of the house. “Working from home” doesn’t need to mean staying in your house all day. Pick a different coffee shop for each day of the week that becomes your “office” for the day! It will keep things interesting and it will help you avoid at-home distractions. Plus, a little human interaction never hurt anyone.

Other tips

  • MOVE. It is easy to get caught sitting all day when being on your computer or at your desk is part of your job. Whether it means investing in a standing desk, setting a timer to remind yourself to go for a short walk, or taking a few minutes to knock out some burpees or stretch, moving your body throughout the day is a must! It will also help prevent you from crashing later in the day!
  • Stay focused. To get the most out of your time, stay focused when you are working. Put Instagram away, turn off the TV, silence text messages, pause inboxes and get to it. Working in blocks is especially helpful in limiting procrastination. If you have a shorter attention span try working for 20 minutes and taking a five-minute break. If you can hold on a little longer, try working for 50 minutes and breaking for ten.
  • Get dressed. If you lounge around in your sweats all day, it can be hard to turn your brain on to “work mode.” Try getting dressed for work the same way you would if you were headed to the office.
  • Manage snacking. If you’re someone who snacks when you’re bored, you’re not alone. This can be dangerous when you’re home alone for most of the day. If you want some tips on managing hunger, check out our Working From Home Survival Guide!

It is totally possible to work where you play, eat and spend time with friends and family, while being extremely productive! It just takes a bit of scheduling, planning of location and habit hacking. Did we miss anything? What are some of your tips and tricks for working from home?

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Posted by Ali Macy
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