Tips for Packing Food on Planes and Getting Through Security

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While we tend to look forward to traveling with anticipation and excitement, the thought of managing a day of eating while relying on unknown airport terminals can be somewhat stressful. With long delays, hefty transit times and limited options, packing your own food can be the difference between a smooth or turbulent day. It can also save you from making food choices that might not necessarily be in line with your goals.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few options for food that you can take through security and on a flight. Use the tips below or get a WAG coach to help you plan when traveling!

When it comes to liquids, the general rule remains the same — liquids or gels should be less than 100 mL or 3.4 oz. Keep any food items separate in either your backpack or a cooler bag to avoid any hold-ups through security! More detailed information about TSA-approved foods can be found here.

The Room-Temp Rule: Prepping your own meals ahead of time is a HUGE help! Plan on making foods that you can easily prepare and enjoy at room temperature, like salads, potatoes, rice or cooked meats.

Cooked and Canned Meats: Protein-rich foods can be some of the hardest to find on the go. Canned salmon and tuna are great go-to plane options, but they aren’t the limit. Bring along cooked chicken, beef, turkey and jerky for other high-protein options when you’re miles high.

Snacks: Skip the salty packets of free peanuts and bring along your own healthy snacks that you can easily throw into your carry-on: nuts, bars, trail mix, protein shakes, rice cakes, cheese sticks, and boiled eggs are all fantastic items to take on board.

Fruits and Veggies: Avoid paying airport prices for possibly expired produce and cut up your own carrot sticks, cucumber, celery and tomatoes to bring along! Fresh and dried fruits are also easy to pack and relatively mess-free.

Frozen Foods: You can pack frozen meals from home to avoid wasting food and to have something on hand once you reach your destination! Just be sure the item is solid when you go through security, and pack it in a freezer bag.

Pro Tip: To save space and money, try packing food in recyclable paper containers, reusable bags or collapsible Tupperware containers!

Taking the time to organize your food for your travel day will not only help you feel your best and stay on track with your nutrition, it will also allow you to be fully present to your travel experience!

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