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Summer Active Rest Days

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As we all know, recovery is an important component to every training program and vital to ensuring we’re giving our muscles and minds ample time to rejuvenate and repair. While many of us embrace a day of relaxation, others often need to be strapped to our chair in order to sit still – cue active recovery.

Active Recovery is generally any type of activity that varies from our daily training schedule, and is performed at a much lower intensity, giving us a chance to keep moving, without causing the body too much stress. Given the countless hours we spend indoors working, and generally during the winter months, why not get outside the gym and enjoy the summer months with some of the below active recovery suggestions:

Approximate calories burned per 30 minutes of activity

  • Beach / Run workout - 300 calories
  • Kayaking / Canoeing - 200 calories
  • Paddle boarding - 175 calories
  • Swimming - 345 calories
  • Rock Climbing - 300 calories
  • Hiking - 220 calories
  • Cricket / Baseball in the park - 180 calories
  • Touch footy in the park - 300 calories
  • Bikram Yoga - 200 calories
  • Cycling - 350 calories
  • Long Walks - 200 calories
  • Stretching - 150 calories
  • Basketball - 200 calories
  • Tai Chai - 150 calories
  • Rowing - 250 calories

**The above calorie burn values are approximate only and based on 150-160 lbs BW.

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Posted by Melanie Barnshaw

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