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Six Tips for Successful Meal Tracking at a Wedding

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With wedding season upon us, juggling your nutrition goals and social calendar can feel like a weekly struggle. Even if you’re a pro on how to track while eating out, weddings are a special situation since we aren’t often given the menu in advance. How can we still make a plan without knowing what’s being served? We have six tips to give you guidance!

Request the menu

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know! Even if the menu options aren’t listed on their wedding website or RSVP, a quick email or phone call to the venue is a great way to get more information without having to add one more thing to the bride’s or groom’s list to look into.

Eat more protein, and keep fats down

Catered foods often are higher in fat and lower in protein, so you can use that information to your advantage to plan how you eat earlier in the day. Increasing your protein intake throughout the day or having a protein shake before you leave can save you from having egg whites for a bedtime snack because you were low on protein that day.

Once you arrive at the venue, scan your food options before grabbing your first serving. Stick to lean protein and veggies to fill you up, and then return to the other options to enjoy mindful portions of the foods you want to try.

If you keep your fat intake lower throughout the day, you give yourself more flexibility to fit in a special treat at the event while still achieving a balanced day of nutrition. Since carbohydrate goals vary, you can choose to save them for later on by opting for higher-volume veggies throughout the day, or if you need more carbs, stick to those that are more easily tracked like rice, fruit or sweet potatoes to up your intake without also adding fat.

Skip the snacks

Cocktail hour can mean a lot of tiny snacks that will fill up your macros but likely not your tummy. If there is something that looks amazing, definitely enjoy one but don’t let the circulating trays tempt you if it’s not a top-tier item in your books. To help with this, have a small snack before you go and keep a seltzer in your hands to keep them busy.

Budget your drinks

Even without knowing the food menu, drinks are luckily fairly standardized! Choosing to enjoy an adult beverage or two is an easy piece of the puzzle to log ahead of time. If you need a refresher on how to track alcoholic drinks, check out our step-by-step tutorial or use the WAG Alcohol Calculator for iOS.

Choose a treat

Weddings can have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to foods that might not be on your usual meal rotation but that doesn’t mean all the options are worth your while. If you have a sweet tooth, balance out your slice of cake by opting for a lean protein and veggies at dinner. If your idea of a good time is having a richer cut of meat or carbing up with table bread, stick to a lighter dessert by enjoying fruit and you can still satisfy your sweet tooth.

Don’t slash your tires

If you catch a flat tire, would you slash the other three? Doubtful. So if your eating goes a bit off plan, don’t do the same to the rest of your night! While plans can change or we make an impulsive food choice, it does not mean your effort is in vain. Getting back on track for your next choice can save hundreds of additional calories. You always have the power to make your next choice an effective one for your goals! If this mindset is a tricky one for you to master, read about Why Going Over Doesn’t Mean Going Wild.

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