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Shape Your Own Reality: What You Tell Yourself Matters

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It’s easy to get down on yourself when things aren’t going according to plan, but there are 86,400 seconds in a day and 86,400 chances to choose positive thoughts over negative ones.

Speaking to yourself with kindness will allow you to move forward feeling empowered and focusing on the good instead of dwelling on what went wrong.

Your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your reality.

The trick to positive self-talk is realizing when you need it most. Just like most things it takes some practice but mastering your mindset will ultimately allow your positive thoughts to become a positive reality. So, where do you start?

Notice it: When are you most likely to be hard on yourself? Right when you wake up in the morning? Before looking in the mirror or after hopping on the scale? Before a big work meeting or presentation? After a tough conversation with a loved one? Before getting in bed at night?

Name it to tame it: Would you let other people talk to you the way you talk to you? Probably not. Give your inner hater a name and recognize when he/she is trying to drag you down so that you can start actively changing those thoughts.

After you’ve identified when your biggest moments of self-doubt are most likely to happen, you can be ready with some go-to one-liners! Need some inspiration?

When you wake up in the morning:

  • “I know myself, I trust myself and I am enough.”
  • “Today, I choose thoughts that serve me well.”
  • “Before I get out of bed each morning I tell myself, ‘Today is a good day.’” – Coach Hilary A.

Before or after getting on the scale or looking in the mirror in the morning:

  • “I am confident in yesterday’s decisions and the number I see on the scale doesn’t change that.”
  • “What I look for determines what I will see. Today I choose to see myself as strong.”
  • “If the scale is up and I didn’t expect it, I think, ‘Now I have more physical mass to lift big weights! I’m going to be strong today!’” – Coach Courtney

Before, during or after a tough workout:

  • “I am strong, I am capable and I am thankful that I am able to move today.”
  • “I gave that workout 100% and I am proud of that no matter where I finished.”
  • “I call ‘bad’ training sessions and ‘bad’ days ‘character building’ sessions/days. They are opportunities to get stronger mentally; I always learn something from them!” – Coach Jess

Before or after you go to a social event:

  • “I am dedicated to my goals and my friends will recognize it!”
  • “I am prepared, I know what it looks and feels like to stick to my goals and have fun in the process.”
  • “Before going to a social event I think, ‘You do you, Lex.’ No one ever looked down on someone who has a high level of commitment to their goals.” – Coach Alexa

Before getting in bed:

  • “Today was a good day because ___________.”
  • “Today I learned ____________.”
  • “I gave 100% of what I had to give today. I’m ready for whatever tomorrow throws at me.” – Coach Ali

If one-liners aren’t enough and you still want all the support in mindfulness you can get, a WAG Coach can help!

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Posted by Ali Macy
Ali is a born and bred Vermonter who fell in love with nutrition and fitness in her early 20’s and never looked back. She is a coach, blog editor and Program Lead for WAG with a BA in English Literature and a Master's in Nutrition and Human Performance.

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