Monthly Goal: Go #WAGUnplugged

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What sets your soul on fire? What makes you feel alive?

Do more of that.



Get off the grid and get outside. Go for a hike with family, read the book that’s been collecting dust, grab coffee with an old friend, cook your favorite meal, write, build something, try something new, play your favorite sport or volunteer.

Do something that inspires you without the ding of a work email or the pressure to get a jump start on your weekly to-do list. We’ll feel amazing. When you invest time in yourself and connect with the people and places around you, you’ll feel more balanced, healthy, creative, energized and motivated. Who doesn’t love the sound of that?

Unplugging has some amazing physical and mental health benefits as well. Studies have shown that letting go of the stress of the daily grind allows you to be more present in the moment whether it’s with your meals, your relationships, your pets, plants or with yourself!

At Working Against Gravity, we use technology to communicate, but we also understand how important it is to close our laptops and go #WAGUnplugged to recharge and refuel our minds and our bodies!

Want to know how our coaches unplug?

“When it’s warm my favorite thing to do is to put my phone on airplane mode and go on an epic hiking adventure!” – Ashley C.


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“Tomato soup, grilled cheese, Grey’s Anatomy and the puppy on the couch.”  – Adee


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“Hiking with my pups in the woods!!! Cooking a nice meal and watching a TON of Netflix.” – Alexa


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“A weekend at the cottage on the beach, SUP'ing and swimming with the kiddos.” – Hilary A.


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“Yoga, hiking, reading and napping.” – Kristen


“Hot yoga followed by pancakes and coffee, a mountain hike and dinner out at some new local place in whatever town we happen to be visiting.” – Amy


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Join us every Saturday and show us how you go #WAGUnplugged!

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