#WAGUnplugged - Working Against Gravity

WAG Unplugged

Once a week, spend a day recharging. Go for a hike, paint a picture, volunteer at a soup kitchen, read a book. Whatever makes you come alive — do that.

It will help you live with more passion, creativity, motivation and energy. The type of things you can never have too much of.

Imagine a day without emails, updates and notifications continuously fighting for your attention. Now join us in making it a reality.

Press Pause with WAG

As a completely remote company, our jobs revolve around technology.

It’s amazing how technology helps us reach so many people. But we realize that there’s no substitute for human connection and being present.

That’s why WAG has decided to spend Saturdays unplugged, and we hope you will too.

For one day: no emails, no work, no to-do list. Grab a friend, family member or just yourself and do something fun and rejuvenating.

Some Ways to Unplug

WAG Unplugged Rules

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