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Mindfulness in Our Everyday

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With work and school days getting longer, and the everyday pace of society getting faster, stress and anxiety levels are on a rapid incline. This consequently has a dramatic impact on our overall health, mood, energy and happiness.

For many of us, finding 10 minutes to eat can seem almost impossible, let alone finding time to break for the very thing we need most — a moment to clear our mind.

However, the act of meditating and bringing ourselves into a peaceful and tranquil state is not just limited to the meditation matt or app, but can be achieved through a number of basic everyday activities, that require nothing more than some simple awareness.

Below is a list of common activities that may add some calm and clarity into your day!

    • Washing the dishes / cleaning - can be highly therapeutic as we focus our thoughts on the task at hand, with our hands in the warm water.


    • Cooking and baking - allows us an opportunity to get lost in our thoughts and get creative.


    • Playing an instrument - can be good for the soul.


    • Arts and crafts - helps us let loose and express ourselves, whether through scrapbooking, drawing, doodling on a notebook or whatever it may be.


    • Walking - allows us to draw attention to our breathing, footsteps, the sounds around us and the breeze on our face.


    • Driving - on the open road gives us an opportunity to be alone, play a podcast or our favorite album.


    • Listening to old albums - or the albums our parents listened to when we were kids can have a profound impact on our ability to relax and feel safe.


    • Sitting in the sunshine - to enjoy the warmth and soak up the vitamin D.


    • Looking out the window - and daydreaming into nature. Taking in the view. Listening to the birds and the sounds of nature.


    • Writing - in your journal, notepad or on your phone provides a judgment free zone and an outlet for our emotions.


    • Play with your pets - walk the dog or snuggle with the cat - uncomplicated company.


  • Sipping on a hot cup of tea - and pondering life on the couch. This is a perfect way to bring some still into your day.

It is important to remain flexible with our practice and remember that there are more ways to dig for gold than one. Tag #TeamWAG and let us know some of the other ways you inject calm into your day.

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Posted by Melanie Barnshaw

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