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How to Become a Certified WAG Nutrition Coach

Find out how to become a certified WAG Nutrition Coach, what the requirements are for certification, and how it is different from...

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Published on 07/27/2020

Lifestyle and Mindset

How to Master Any Skill and Learn Faster Than Everyone Else

In September 2019, we surveyed 3,000 people on the WAG Coach Certification waitlist. One of the questions was, “What is the biggest...

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Published on 04/24/2020

Coaching Resources

How to Find (and Keep!) Clients as a Nutrition Coach

Online nutrition coaching is a relatively new field so I can understand why they (and maybe you too) feel a little skeptical and...

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Published on 04/02/2020

Coaching Resources

WAG Business Program: What Are Gym Owners Saying About It?

The WAG Business Program gives you the opportunity to truly become a one-stop-shop for your clients’ fitness needs, rather than having...

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Published on 11/26/2019

Coaching Resources

Best Practices For Nutrition Coaches

Are you a nutrition coach looking to improve your methods for your clients? Are you someone who is new to the space and is interested...

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Published on 10/02/2019

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