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Flexible Dieting Tips

17 Macro Tracking Tips

Whether you prefer flexible dieting, keto, paleo, plant-based or another style of eating, counting macronutrients (macros) is an...

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Published on 06/22/2020


How to Set Up a Health Challenge to Get Clients

The most common worry we hear from prospective nutrition coaches is that they lack confidence in their ability to get clients. Today...

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Published on 06/08/2020

Flexible Dieting Tips

Quarantine Kitchen Makeover

In today’s blog, we’re talking about why focusing on the optimal food environment will help you achieve your nutrition and fitness...

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Published on 05/27/2020


Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

In the last several years, surveys have found that almost half of American adults are trying to lose weight. So chances are high...

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Published on 09/08/2019


How to Listen (and Respond) to What Your Body is Telling You

People say it all the time—“listen to your body.” Some people feel really in tune with their bodies, others feel like they’re completely...

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Published on 08/25/2019

Flexible Dieting Tips

Easy Ways to Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet

If you’re hoping to lose fat and change your body composition, you should avoid all fats, right? Wrong.

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Published on 08/11/2019

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