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Flexible Dieting Tips

Intuitive Eating vs. Intentional Eating: What Are They & Which One Suits You?

Is tracking macros lifelong, or are there other options? Discover the difference between intuitive & intentional eating & which one...

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Published on 06/29/2020

Flexible Dieting Tips

A Day of Eating for Five Elite CrossFit Athletes

Becoming an elite CrossFit athlete goes beyond what you do in the gym. You also have to feel your best in order to move your best...

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Published on 02/10/2020


Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

In the last several years, surveys have found that almost half of American adults are trying to lose weight. So chances are high...

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Published on 09/08/2019


Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down: Journey to Consistency

This week, we’re excited to share the story of Chris Henderson, the rhythm guitarist for 3 Doors Down and #TeamWAG member.

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Published on 03/20/2019


Dairy Alternatives to Fit Your Macros

For many of us who choose to leave dairy out of our diet, finding adequate and creative substitutes for dairy can be a bit daunting....

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Published on 12/13/2018

Flexible Dieting Tips

Schedule Success: 5 Steps for Crushing the Holidays

The holidays are full of social events, thankfully, we’ve got just the gift for you. Here is a step-by-step way to ensure you crush...

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Published on 11/21/2018

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