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How to Start an Overall Lifestyle Change

An overall lifestyle change is essential for getting back on track to be healthy. Having a healthy lifestyle is important because...

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8 Eating Habits That Haunt Us From Childhood

While we are constantly creating new habits, many of the habits and routines that we currently have are ones that were created and...

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Why Some Gyms Succeed and Others Fail

This is a story of two men: Dan and Sam. One fails, one succeeds - find out why!

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Stronger Together: Jessica and Christian Lucero

In the newest episode of WAG Stories, we peek into the lives of power couple Jessica and Christian Lucero as she trains for the 2020...

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Flexible Dieting Tips

4-Step Meal Prep Guide

The backbone of successful and sustainable results is to have a successful and sustainable routine.

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Sweet Potato & Zucchini Egg In A Nest

Whether you’re entertaining for brunch or just want to mix up your breakfast routine, these sweet potato and zucchini eggs in a nest...

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