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Flexible Dieting Tips

Intuitive Eating vs. Intentional Eating: What Are They & Which One Suits You?

Is tracking macros lifelong, or are there other options? Discover the difference between intuitive & intentional eating & which one...

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Published on 06/29/2020


Five Strategies for Appetite Awareness

Do you only eat when you’re physically hungry? And do you always stop eating when you’re satisfied? 🤔The truth is that hunger isn’t...

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Published on 01/02/2020


Comprehensive Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation

An important aspect of being a WAG Coach is helping others succeed on their health and fitness journey by teaching valuable nutrition...

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Published on 05/20/2019


What it Takes to Get Lean

The leaner you get, the more challenging it becomes to get even leaner. Today, we’re going to outline the changes you will likely...

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Published on 04/12/2019


How to Choose a Mindfulness App That Works for You

I think all of us could benefit from lowering stress and increasing peace of mind, but the struggle comes from figuring out how to...

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Published on 02/11/2019


Think Better, Feel Better, Poop Better

If you haven’t been thinking much about your bowel movement quality, we understand. Poop health is important, and it’s something...

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Published on 12/02/2018

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