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Coaching Resources

How to Become a Certified WAG Nutrition Coach

Find out how to become a certified WAG Nutrition Coach, what the requirements are for certification, and how it is different from...

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Published on 07/27/2020

Weight Loss

What’s the Best Diet? Macros vs. Keto vs. Paleo vs. Zone

It’s natural for people to want an easy button. Following the path of least resistance is a really intelligent way of approaching...

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Published on 05/27/2020

Lifestyle and Mindset

The Ketogenic Diet: 90-Day Keto Experiment

Adee and Michael Cazayoux have always strived to walk the talk, especially when it comes to their nutrition — so to increase their...

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Published on 05/17/2019

Lifestyle and Mindset

Sourcing Matters: How to Choose Quality Keto Foods

You’ve probably come across words like free-range, grass-fed, wild-caught and organic in relation to keto food sources. We’re here...

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Published on 03/25/2019

Lifestyle and Mindset

What is the Ketogenic Diet and is it Right for You?

The ketogenic diet has been getting a lot of attention recently, and you may be wondering what it is and if it’s a good option for...

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Published on 01/14/2019

Weight Loss

The Low Down on Low Fat

A common weight loss tactic is eating a low fat diet (not talking to you, ketogenic dieters!). We’re not saying that fat is bad for...

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Published on 03/25/2017

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