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Q&A With Adee, Episode 20: Finding Balance in Your Relationship

We’re in week three of “all things relationships” and this week, Adee and her husband, Michael Cazayoux, return to discuss striking...

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WAG Q&A: Staying Fit While in a Relationship

Sometimes, when you’re in a relationship sticking to fitness and nutrition plans can be challenging

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Flexible Dieting Tips

Snacking - The Silent Saboteur

There’s no doubt that we have all been guilty of thinking, “If I don’t track it, it didn’t happen” or “It’s only a sip, it’s not...

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Team WAG

Mastering Business Travel and Tracking: An Interview with #TeamWAG Member Hunter Tubbs.

After finding out his wife was pregnant with twin boys, Hunter Tubbs decided it was time to rebuild his relationship with food and...

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