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To Avoid or Not to Avoid: How to Eat During Pregnancy

The internet is full of forums and ideas of what you “can” and “can’t” eat while pregnant. Like most of nutrition, there isn’t a...

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Published on 01/21/2019


Three Ways a Coach Can Support Your Pregnancy

For those of you who are pregnant, thinking about pregnancy or supporting someone who’s pregnant — this one’s for you!

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Published on 01/04/2019

Flexible Dieting Tips


Counting macronutrients means having the freedom and flexibility to eat the food that you love. Getting caught up in the magic of...

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Published on 12/05/2016

Flexible Dieting Tips

Recipes and Cookbook Database

Tracking macros might make you want to keep things simple to save time or it may bring out your inner chef- regardless of your preference,...

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Published on 09/18/2016

Flexible Dieting Tips

Shifting Into Your Fall Schedule

With back to school around the corner, it means it’s back to routine for many of us. With larger work loads come long days, and a...

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Published on 09/03/2016

Flexible Dieting Tips

Macro Shortcuts

Whether you’re sorting through the basics of macro tracking or you’re a seasoned pro - we can all benefit from strategies and tips...

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Published on 08/26/2016

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