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Spanakopita Beef Pie

Traditionally, spanakopita is an egg-based pie encased in a savory pastry. Kind of like quiche or frittata, but what gives spanakopita...

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Published on 10/18/2020

Coaching Resources

How to Set Up a Health Challenge to Get Clients

The most common worry we hear from prospective nutrition coaches is that they lack confidence in their ability to get clients. Today...

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Published on 06/08/2020

Lifestyle and Mindset

How to Master Any Skill and Learn Faster Than Everyone Else

In September 2019, we surveyed 3,000 people on the WAG Coach Certification waitlist. One of the questions was, “What is the biggest...

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Published on 04/24/2020

Lifestyle and Mindset

How to Structure Your Pandemic Day

Why checkpoints are important in games – and your life. Checkpoints make a seemingly insurmountable situation a little less terrifying.

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Published on 04/22/2020

Coaching Resources

Nutrition Coaching: How To Turn Your Passion Into A Career

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve worked with a nutrition coach, have experienced transformation in one or...

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Published on 03/31/2020

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