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8 Eating Habits That Haunt Us From Childhood

While we are constantly creating new habits, many of the habits and routines that we currently have are ones that were created and...

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World’s Easiest Keto Salmon Burgers

Need a healthy, quick and keto-friendly dinner? These salmon burgers are a perfect option for your next barbecue or work perfectly...

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5x CrossFit Games Athlete Jennifer Smith’s WAG Transformation

"I’m not sure why, but I thought I would have to change a lot more than I was about the types of food I was already used to. It was...

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Flexible Dieting Tips

Six Tips for Successful Meal Tracking at a Wedding

With wedding season upon us, juggling your nutrition goals and social calendar can feel like a weekly struggle. We have six tips...

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You Deserve to be Fussy About Your Nutrition

Stop using the excuse of being business, too many commitments and stress in your life make it ok for you to put your nutrition on...

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What to Do When You Can’t Track Your Food

If you are unable to track your food for some reason, that’s okay. Part of the journey of working with a nutrition coach is learning...

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