Increase Your NEAT From Home
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Creative Ways to Increase Your NEAT When You Work From Home

In pursuing a healthier lifestyle, many individuals focus primarily on structured exercise routines to burn calories and improve fitness. While exercise is undoubtedly crucial for overall well-being, there is another aspect of calorie burning that often goes overlooked – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).

Postworkout Nutrition Tips
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Post-Workout Nutrition Tips for the Crossfit Open

When you’re in the thick of an ongoing competition, you likely focus on what to eat before your workout. But what you eat after your workout is imperative for proper recovery and ensuring you’re ready to take on each weekly test

How To Meal Prep
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How to Meal Prep: Tips and Tricks from Registered Dietitians

Meal prep is a key component of healthy eating, but it doesn’t have to look like perfectly portioned meals in matching Tupperware containers. Learn how to meal prep (and how to make it fun!) with WAG RDN's Brittany and Alex on this week's Lunch & Learn.