Ali Macy

Should I Eat Less On Rest Days? A Coach's Answer

“Should I eat less on rest days?” Whether you’ve been nutrition coaching for years or you’re just getting started, you’ve probably gotten this question before.


Andi Petty

How to Help Nutrition Clients Beat Cheat Day Mentality

“Cheat day” is a buzz phrase that has been floating around the diet and nutrition space for years and today, we’re chatting all about how to help your clients beat cheat day mentality so they can build trust with themselves and their relationship with the foods they choose to enjoy.


Nicole Kupfer

What Is a Nutrition Coach and What Do They Do?

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of your computer Googling questions like “What is a nutrition coach?”, “Do I need a nutrition coach?” or “What is the difference between a nutrition coach and a nutritionist?”


Anna Winton

How to Create Accountability: The Missing Piece You Need to Achieve Your Goals

Wondering how to create accountability or why accountability is important to goal setting?  You’re not tends to be the piece most often forgotten during the goal-setting process. The kicker is that it could also be the biggest thing standing between you and the goal you’ve been chasing.


Andi Petty

Alternatives to Macro Tracking: Creative Ways to Help Clients Build Consistency

There is a time and place for precisely tracking everything you eat. And, there is also a time and place for finding alternatives to macro tracking that allow you to feel accountable for your nutrition choices without the extra math, planning, and phone apps.


Michael Vanchieri

Should I Program A Refeed Day for My Nutrition Clients?

Curious about refeed days? We’ve got you covered! With great power comes great responsibility. Once you’ve mastered the art of creating macro plans, troubleshooting common holdups, and providing your clients with a sense of self-responsibility and accountability it is time to enter the murky waters of the intermediate level nutrition coach.


Nicola Spencer

What is Flexible Dieting and is it Right for You?

Whether you’re a nutrition coach or have weight loss or performance goals, you’ve likely tried various diets and methods of eating. Maybe you’ve heard of flexible dieting but are still asking, “What is flexible dieting anyway?” If so, this one’s for you!


Erin Zvada

Top 5 Tips for Planning Ahead for Nutritional Success

Your time is precious and so is your health but do you ever feel like the demands on your time are standing in the way of your nutritional success? Do you find yourself asking, “how do I plan ahead?” and feel overwhelmed with a long list of new ideas and recipes to implement? Abraham Lincoln said it best: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”   A successful nutritional plan requires the same mindset.


Jennifer Hudy

Five Ways to Create a Safe Space for Your Clients as a Nutrition Coach

Nutrition coaching is often the key reason people come to you, but creating a safe space for your clients is why someone will stay. The role of a nutrition coach is not to tell a client exactly what to do and demand they do it to a T. It is your job to work with your client to find solutions that best fit their lifestyle by asking questions that help guide them to find what works best for them.


Emily Camacho

The New Nutrition Pyramid

This article dives into a spin on the traditional nutrition pyramid and explains, in detail, the building-block steps and principles we rely on to help our clients find a nutrition approach that works for them. In addition to describing each of the levels of the nutrition pyramid, we’ll emphasize the importance of starting at the bottom; and why building a solid base and foundation is essential for your long-term success, growth, and sustainability.


Michael Cazayoux

How to Generate Referrals for Your Nutrition Business: 5 Quick Tips

Are you trying to generate referrals for your nutrition coaching business but can’t quite figure out where to start? Or, does the question “how do I generate referrals for nutrition coaching” keep you up at night? If so, you’re not alone. Asking current clients to refer their friends, family and gym partners could be the business game-changer you’re missing.


Dani Sheriff

How to Train With Your Period, Not Against It

The menstrual cycle can feel like a crazy time with natural ebbs and flows. One day you feel ready to PR, the next the idea of lifting 50% of your max or running for more than a mile is daunting. Luckily, if you learn how to train with your period and your hormonal cycle, you can still maximize your athletic performance all month long.