Tara Roberts Coachspotlight
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Coach Spotlight: Tara Roberts

As a nutrition coach, Tara hopes to help all her clients gain control of their nutrition—not just in the moment, but for their lifetime, which aligns with her mantra: “Live your best life.”

The WAG Guide To Reverse Dieting
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Reverse Dieting 101: Eat More to Lose Weight

At WAG Nutrition, we get questions like, “why has my weight loss stalled?”, “how do I know if I need a reverse diet?” and “when should I start a reverse diet, anyway? Is it really possible to lose fat by reverse dieting?”. We’re answering those questions starting with the big one: What is reverse dieting, anyway?

Creating A Safe Space And Other Nutrition Coaching Basics
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Five Ways to Create a Safe Space for Your Clients as a Nutrition Coach

Nutrition coaching is often the key reason people come to you, but creating a safe space for your clients is why someone will stay. The role of a nutrition coach is not to tell a client exactly what to do and demand they do it to a T. It is your job to work with your client to find solutions that best fit their lifestyle by asking questions that help guide them to find what works best for them.

How To Find Your Brand Voice In The Nutrition Industry
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How to Find Your Brand Voice in the Nutrition Industry

Want to stand out in the nutrition coaching industry? The key is developing your brand voice in a way that is authentic and compelling to your audience. We get it, it can feel scary to find and trust your voice. But, it isn’t as difficult as it may sound or seem.