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Why Being Grateful Is Good for the Soul

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Expressing gratitude no doubt has a positive impact on those around us, but there are countless reasons that being grateful increases our own happiness as well.

Practicing gratitude helps us:

Strengthen Relationships With Others
The people you care about receive affirmation about how much they mean to you — and working to verbalize your gratitude makes you more aware of why you love them so much!

Stay ‘In the Moment’
Appreciating the value each activity brings to your life keeps you focused on being engaged in it, rather than worrying about what we need to do later or wishing we were somewhere else.

Lower Self Criticism and Increase Self Esteem
When you refocus energy on appreciating your strengths and achievements, you are more likely to let go of self deprecation and negative self talk.

Find the Silver Lining’
Life will occasionally include facing challenges, but how you choose to overcome the tough times is essential. Being grateful for the good things in your life and the support you receive during difficult times doesn’t change the hardships, but it does make it easier to keep your chin up.

Stop Comparing
It doesn’t matter if the grass looks greener on the other side if you’re focused on enjoying and watering your own.

Improve Sleep and Recovery
Negativity is exhausting — mentally and physically. Practicing gratitude increases positive thoughts, allows you to go to bed less stressed, sleep better and in turn recover better and be more productive.

Practice Selflessness and Generosity
Understanding just how much other people light up your life encourages you to do the same thing for them.

Increase Grit and Goal Achievement
Being aware of the positives allows you to more readily bounce back from setbacks or failures by being able to find the lesson or opportunity to grow amidst challenges.

How has focusing more on the positives impacted your happiness? How do you like to reflect on the abundance in your life?

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Posted by Kate Hart

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