In this WAG Original Series, watch how WAG Alumni Member Justin Holt, a busy father, movie maker and artist, shares how his love for the transformation and expression in tattooing mirrors his love for transformation and expression in fitness.  

Justin got his first tattoo his freshman year in college and he remembers the artist saying to him  “Welcome to the tribe.” Tattooing is such a big part of Justin's life now, because he enjoys the commitment to the art and the artist. For him it’s a partnership between his idea and the artists’ voice and vision.

Justin enjoys the process of collaboration with his tattoo artist, a relationship that he says reminds him of the one each WAG member has with their WAG coach.

He explains that like with a tattoo artist, each team member shares his or her vision of what they want to see in themselves and the life they want to live. Their WAG coach uses their expertise to help make that vision come to life. It’s this constant collaboration and adjusting that makes the program successful.