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WAG Stories Justin Holt: Accountability From Flexible Dieting

Youtube Video

In this WAG Original Series, watch how the flexible dieting approach has helped WAG Alumni Member Justin Holt, a busy father, movie maker and artist, live his life fully.

In this episode, Justin takes us deeper into his daily life as a visual effects artist. He’s worked on projects like Suicide Squad, Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Alice Through the Looking Glass. His biggest achievement was being published on the cover of Cinefex magazine!

He shows us that he reached such a place as a graphic artist, by being precise and observing details that others overlook. Justin explains how he uses texture on characters to bring them to life and tell their story just through the characters’ faces. And while these details are important, he finds that if he focuses too much on details he forgets the bigger picture and story of his character.

On the flipside, fitness and nutrition give him the opportunity to bring that detail-oriented side of himself beyond his workplace. For Justin, being precise and focused on his diet has given him an extra level of accountability, which has resulted in consistent dedication and noticeable results.

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