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WAG Stories Cole Sager: Why CrossFit

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In this WAG Original Series, watch how 4x CrossFit Games Athlete Cole Sager uses his love of CrossFit to motivate others.

In this episode, Cole tells us why he chose to turn CrossFit into a lifestyle and how he uses it to inspire people. “A big driver in my life is knowing that if I just continue to work really, really hard at pursuing my dreams, that somewhere down the road, I'm going to change a life,” he says.

Cole did not have any interest in pursuing CrossFit until a buddy of his showed him a video that highlighted the CrossFit community. The video inspired him: he loved how many people were making an impact in the community who were involved in CrossFit, and he wanted to be a part of that.

Cole remembers that when the going gets tough, he pushes through for all of the people that he encourages, and that makes working hard and achieving his goals all the more worth it.

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