In this WAG Original Series, watch how 2014 CrossFit Games Champion, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet discusses her life’s purpose.

In the 2014 CrossFit Games, Camille knew she was the fittest in the competition. And she remembers while competing that she deserved. But following her win, her tune changed. “Winning almost felt like — if you look at a purpose — it was almost disappointing the day after. Because, you’re like, okay, what now?” Camille says.

But for Camille, life isn’t about winning or losing. Instead, life’s about the journey of becoming a better person during challenging times. That’s why she began her journey as a CrossFit athlete in 2010 because the challenges and workouts made her a better person.

However, right before she stepped in the arena for the 2017 CrossFit Games, Camille sustained a severe and painful injury: a dislocated shoulder and a torn labrum, which would require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. The injury also meant she wouldn’t be competing. It was a disappointing and challenging time for her, but she wasted no time, and immediately began rehabbing her arm and called a surgeon. “There’s no time for a pity party,” Camille says, “I’m an athlete. Things happen. I still have things to prove to myself.”

Over the next three years, Camille worked to regain her strength, despite some disparaging public commentary. She’d hear people say, “You must feel like a failure because you’re not winning anymore.” But that’s not what Camille felt like at all. For Camille, failure is giving up. Failure isn’t trying to overcome challenges. Failure isn’t becoming a better person. And she’s very proud of her efforts, claiming 100% success in rehabilitating and regaining strength. “I obviously want to win again,” she says, “But that’s never been something that has defined me as a person.”

In 2017, Camille’s husband, Dave Lipson became her official coach. And the two of them inspire each other to work hard every day as they overcome challenges. She knows in her heart she will win again.


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