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WAG Stories Anastasia Allison: Fueling Your Adventure

Youtube Video

In this WAG Original Series, watch how meal prepping has helped WAG Alumni Member Anastasia Allison, summit-seeker, trail-blazer and adventure-preneur, go further faster.

Anastasia explains how her transition from weekend warrior and recreationalist to professional, athletic adventurer propelled her to treat her and her body like an athlete.

When Anastasia began backpacking 8-10 hours a day while carrying weight, she also discovered that her traditional pack full of Snickers, Swedish Fish and Doritos just wasn’t going to provide her body with the fuel it needed to sustain her treks. With some quick morning prep, she was able trade in her sodium-filled trail mix for healthy vegetables, protein snacks and a complete nutritious meal she could heat up on her portable camp stove.

Now, she finds there’s really no difference between the way she eats at home and the way she eats on the trail. Her meals and snacks are convenient and healthy, and more importantly, they provide the fuel she needs to reach her summit.

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