Traveling for business or pleasure doesn’t have to mean giving up all of your at-home routines. If maintaining your nutrition (and your sanity) is a priority while traveling, then make space in your suitcase for some extra goodies to prepare snacks and meals!

Below are some of our favorite essential items for your suitcase to help you stay on track, and enjoy your vacation with minimal hassle and inconvenience:

  • Freezer/zip-seal bags - Have these on hand to pack your snacks for the day, save a little food from breakfast, or maybe bring along half of the decadent cookie you just couldn’t resist sampling!

  • BYO cutlery - While eating with your bare hands can be fine for some meals, others will require a little assistance. Avoid the pain of having a meal and nothing to eat it with by bringing your own utensils!

  • Travel scale - body weight scale - Whether it’s your bathroom scale, food scale or a specific travel scale, these usually slide easily into your carry on, or the bottom of your suitcase. Bringing these along can help you keep an eye on your progress, and make it easy to practice precision for a number of meals (even if they are only in the hotel room)!

  • Hard-to-find or surplus snacks on hand - Dry goods such as crackers, rice cakes, salmon and tuna are great to pack and will save you from spending unnecessary time and money shopping!

  • Personal cooler - Even if you’re just planning on staying by the hotel pool - this is a great item to have with you! Keeping foods cool offers flexibility in terms of options you can take on the go.

  • Cutting board & plastic containers - These items are essential yet can be an added unnecessary expense if you buy them on the go! Travel hack: Pack your toiletries in the plastic container and lay the cutting board flat in your suitcase. Once at the hotel you can ask for a knife to help you chop things in your room!

  • BYO water bottle or cup - It can be hard to remember to drink water when you’re on the go. To ensure you’re meeting your water target take your trusty bottle or cup with you. This will help to ensure you stay hydrated and energized for the whole trip.

  • Dishcloth and detergent - If you’re cooking and preparing in your room, then you’re going to need to keep your countertops clean, and avoid having stinky Tupperware. No one wants to sleep in a dirty hotel room.

Vacation is a time to relax and unwind. By simply packing some of your own staple items, not only do you set yourself up for success, but you avoid spending unnecessary money and time on items you already own at home!

If you’re unsure what you’ll need for your specific goals, your WAG one-on-one nutrition coach will be happy to help!