Tommy Marquez on Training, Nutrition and Life Post-CrossFit

The rumors involving changes to the sport of CrossFit began shortly after the 2018 CrossFit Games ended. Before long, those rumors manifested into reality as CrossFit HQ announced changes to Regionals and the layoffs began.

Tommy Marquez, the on-camera face of CrossFit for nearly six years, and the rest of the official CrossFit media team were assured their positions were safe, but an email just two months later scheduling an upcoming HR meeting ultimately confirmed they were the latest added to the string of layoffs within the organization.

He and the rest of his team would become a product of the changes and joined spectators and athletes alike in the guessing game of what was to come.

Watch the full episode to see what a day of training and nutrition means for Tommy, how life has changed since his move from CrossFit’s media team to freelance and to hear his thoughts on what he believes the future of CrossFit has in store.

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