Pursuing any goal usually begins with a burst of motivation — the excitement to start something new and achieve something amazing.

Remember that feeling when your welcome email arrived in your inbox? New macros, new coach, new goals!

Fast forward a few months, maybe a year or two and you’ve lost that spark. There have been ups and downs, but even though you still want to progress you’ve got a serious case of “macro fatigue.”

Here are a few tried and true tactics for overcoming it:

Talk to your coach
This is our #1 tip for almost anything, but openly communicating that you’re feeling stuck allows your coach to better support you. They can share their own experiences, affirm that what you’re feeling is totally normal and help come up with a plan that is still tailored to your goals.

Spice up your life
Not everyone is a Michelin star chef, so the thought of reworking your carefully crafted meal prep schedule might be nightmarish. This is where a trip to the spice aisle comes in! There are so many sweet, savory and spicy options to get a fresh take on your meal with zero effort. If you like to keep an eye on your sodium, try Mrs. Dash or Flavor God!

Get curious
Building meals around macros may feel like it limits your options. You have go-to foods because they work for you, but challenge yourself to think outside the box. When was the last time you leisurely took some time to grocery shop? Set aside some extra time to approach food the way you did when you first started — with curiosity! Spend time looking at labels, looking up the nutrition on different cuts of meat, grains, produce and you might find a new macro staple.

Recipe rescue
If you like to cook but are lacking inspiration, subscribe to some macro friendly recipe sites and choose one recipe to try each week. You could turn this into an opportunity to treat your sweetie to a date night at home, dazzle your supportive friends or connect with some new folks from the gym who also track macros!

Explore our recipe and cookbook database to see what keeps other team members inspired.

Have a meal out
...and don’t order grilled chicken and a salad. This is not an invitation to eat a whole deep-dish pizza, but take the time to plan a night out and balance it with the rest of your day. This can allow you to fit in a slightly more decadent meal, without blowing your macros. For example, split a medium thin crust pizza with some naked chicken tenders, a tuna burger with some sweet potato fries or a stack of pancakes!

Polish your purpose
At the end of the day, you started this journey with intention. It can be easy to let your day-to-day motions fall into an empty routine. Taking time to review your amazing progress and using that to fuel your fire for what the future has to offer can help remind you why this is important to you.

Throughout your journey there will be ups, downs and everything in between. Stay focused on the amazing results you’ve achieved, as well as the potential of what is yet to come. If you’re short on inspiration, flip through some of your teammate’s transformations to see tangible evidence that with hard work and perseverance, the sky's the limit!