Monthly Goal: Reflecting for growth

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This year, Team WAG is putting a twist on the common New Year’s resolution. Instead of just one goal, we have 12 — one for each month of 2017. We hope you choose to join us! Below is our December goal.

Well, Team, we made it.

Our final goal is reflection. Through any process of growth, there will be successes, challenges and surprises, but most importantly lessons. If we are able to openly look back at experiences without judgement but rather with the intention to reflect honestly, it’s a huge opportunity for growth as well an opportunity to practice gratitude.

Grab a journal, a quiet space and let out your 2017 into words. Here are a few prompts to get you started, but remember that this is for your eyes only unless you choose to share, it doesn’t need to be polished!

Of the monthly #WAGgoals, which ones were the hardest? Which ones were the easiest for you?

What were 3 challenges that felt impossible in the moment but you managed to overcome?

Who are 3 people that demonstrated great kindness to you, or showed up when you needed it most? How can you let them know how their actions impacted you?

What 3 habits or skills did you work hard this year to foster?

What are 3 things you want to continue to work on over the next year? What actions can you take to improve upon this skill or habit?

Did any of the #WAGgoals have a surprising impact on your quality of life?

We’re so thankful to have been a part of your 2017, and can’t wait for more growth together through the next year!

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