It’s been a long time coming and we’re excited to announce that Working Against Gravity has partnered up with MacrosFirst to give our members the best app syncing experience possible.

Wait, back it up… what is all this “syncing” business about?

WAG’s members get access to a digital hub for all things 1:1 nutrition coaching called Seismic. 

Seismic is where our members check-in and send messages to their coach, track progress, log daily macros, monitor habits and more.

Because we want our members to focus more on the goals they’ve set with their coach and less on tech troubleshooting, we’ve made it as easy as possible for Seismic to “talk to” their food tracking app.

Why We Love MacrosFirst

MacrosFirst is similar to MyFitnessPal, MyMacros+ and other food tracking apps so if you choose to make the switch, the learning curve is small. Plus, syncing with MacrosFirst has some benefits like:

  • The ability to enter EXACT macros in the free version of the app.
  • A large food database that is monitored for accuracy
  • Real-time syncing with Seismic. The Seismic app will show the SAME numbers as your MacrosFirst app as you add foods to your day. #winning
  • Last but definitely not least, once weight tracking becomes a feature in MacrosFirst, it WILL auto-sync to Seismic. 

We’ve worked directly with our friends at MacrosFirst to make the sync to Seismic quick and easy which means less troubleshooting for our clients. And, we have the ability to give direct feedback to the creators to continue improving the app experience.

Whether you’re already a tracking pro with us or if you’ve thought about hiring a 1:1 coach, we recommend downloading MacrosFirst so you’re ahead of the game.

Convinced MFP is Still Your One True Love?

If we haven’t convinced you to make the switch (really? We didn’t?!) that’s okay! Change can be scary. ;)

If you’re a WAG member and MyFitnessPal is your tried and true, that sync isn’t going anywhere and you can keep doin’ you!

Down to Give MacrosFirst a Shot? 

If you’re a member with us, here is how to get started...

Whether you’re doing this from your phone or from a computer, the first step is to head to MacrosFirst, download the app and create your account. From there...

From the Seismic app:

  1. Tap your avatar in the upper left corner
  2. Choose “Macro Provider” → “MacrosFirst”
  3. Tap “Enable” in the upper right corner
  4. Enter your MacrosFirst login credentials and login through the in-app browser
  5. Click “Connect”

From your desktop:

  1. Tap your avatar in the upper left corner and choose “Settings”
  2. Expand the MacrosFirst heading (if collapsed)
  3. Click “Connect”
  4. Enter your MacrosFirst login credentials and login through the browser
  5. Click “Connect”

After you click “connect”, the final step will bring you back to your app or web settings so you can see that MacrosFirst is connected!

Want to watch along? Learn how to sync your logs from a desktop HERE and from your phone HERE!

We can’t wait to hear what you think.